Choosing the right pair of truly wireless Bluetooth earphones

June 4th, 2020 | by Techgoondu
Choosing the right pair of truly wireless Bluetooth earphones

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Today’s wireless earphones are a far cry from the first Bluetooth versions that appeared a few years ago.

With the wireless link improved over time, they have also gone truly wireless while being lightweight and comfortable to wear. Most importantly, audio quality has improved to a point that they have become great companions on the road or at home.

It’s no wonder audio companies have rushed in to showcase their latest earphones to capture a growing audience. This brings choice. If you are buying a new pair today, here are five important features to look out for.

1. Comfort

Many of the latest truly wireless earphones pack in the electronics, batteries and drivers while keeping to a lightweight design that doesn’t weigh down your ears.

However, do make sure you try out your earphones – some online shops may allow returns during this Covid-19 period. Look out for a snug fit that does not result in the earphones being pressed too tightly to the walls of your ears.

A comfortable pair of earphones should slide into your ears easily, without requiring you to constantly adjust or keep them in place. Try using ear foams of different sizes to be sure.

2. Ease of use

A good pair of earphones make life easier for you on the go, especially in the tight confines of a bus or an airplane, when it is eventually safe to fly again.

Look for touch controls, which let you simply tap on an earphone to play back or stop a track, as well as adjust the volume. This beats having to go to your phone all the time, say, when you need your hands to hold on to a hand rail in a moving bus.

Don’t forget how easy it is to connect up as well. Some earphones enable you to hook up multiple devices, like your laptop and your phone, so you can multi-task while working from home. Yes, take Zoom calls and listen to the music with the same earphones.

3. Audio quality

Just a few years ago, there would not have been much audio quality to talk about for wireless earphones, especially ones that are miniaturised to fit into your ears. Today, this is different.

Some of the latest models provide great audio quality despite the small size of the drivers that are delivering the sound. This is a testament to how far the electronics of earphones have improved to be able to bring audio that is airy, balanced and detailed.

Look out for earphone makers that have an app to tune the sound as well. If a pair of earphones has too much bass, which is all too common today, use the app’s equaliser settings to adjust that. You’ll be surprised how much the audio improves to your preference.

4. Active noise cancelling

Yes, active noise cancelling is becoming a common feature in that tiny pair of earphones in your hands. Often, they use a series of microphones to detect ambient noise and try to cancel that out on the fly.

This is a handy feature if you commute a lot or work in busy coffeeshops – again, when these places open again in future – so you can concentrate on your music or call.

5. Battery life

To be sure, all these features would be useless if the earphones don’t last long on the go. You don’t want to keep taking them out and placing them into a case to juice them up.

Many of today’s earphones are capable of up to six or seven hours, though your mileage may vary, of course. That’s good for more than a daily commute and may even last the distance of a regional flight to Asia, if you’re travelling from Singapore.

There is still much to improve here, clearly, but this is progress over the two or three hours offered from older models not that long ago. Plus, some cases now take just minutes to juice up your earphones for a couple of hours’ use. That minimises the disruption to your music.

Making a choice

For sure, there are other factors involved in choosing a pair of earphones. Price is a big question, of course, and that depends on the premium you put on any of the factors listed above.

Plus, more earphones are offering weatherproofing as a feature, so you can use them safely by the pool, for example. Before you jog in them, however, it’s best to check if they fit well while you’re moving and if they can stand the sweat and grime of your activity.

With all the choices available, there’s no denying that now is a great time to start checking out the latest truly wireless earphones. They are delivering on the promises of earlier models.

Buying a new pair of earphones? Share with us in the comments what you want to have in your new purchase.

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