Trio of Ultimate Ears headphones target the budget-conscious

May 11th, 2011 | by Raymond Lau

Ultimate Ears, a headphone maker that Logitech bought in 2008, last week unveiled a trio of affordable new earphones: the Ultimate Ears 100, Ultimate Ears 200, and Ultimate Ears 200vi.

The Ultimate Ears 100 is the base model and will set you back just S$25 – cheap by comparison to top-end UE models that easily go up to a few hundred bucks.

The Ultimate Ears 100 offers 24 dBs of noise isolation, and comes with four sizes of ear buds to ensure a snug fit. You have a choice of five designs, snazzily named Crimson Rock, Blue Stage, Neon Lights, Pink Haze and Jade Guitar by well-known graphic album artist Chuck Anderson.

If you’re looking for a more oomph, consider the Ultimate Ears 200, which is sweat-resistant and offers 26 dBs of noise isolation. This S$39 buy should be a good choice for regular gym goers. Unfortunately, the 200 only comes in three generic colours: blue, grey, or purple.

The Ultimate Ears 200vi is a headset built for iPhone and BlackBerry devices and sports an integrated microphone to let you switch between your music and phone calls via on-cord controls. There’s also a volume rocker (which doesn’t work on BlackBerry devices, for some reason) and a button to play/pause your songs. The 200vi offers 26dBs of noise isolation. At S$49, this is also the most expensive of the lot.

If you’re in the market for a pair of new earphones/headphones, Logitech’s new offerings are definitely worth a look. The wallet-friendly prices don’t hurt, either.

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