Huawei Petal Search out in Singapore, promises to find more Android apps

July 2nd, 2020 | by Alfred Siew
Huawei Petal Search out in Singapore, promises to find more Android apps

Huawei smartphone users will now be able to use its new Petal Search, which promises to let them find and download more apps, even without Google’s popular search engine and app store features.

The Chinese phone maker said yesterday that its own search feature will let them find information such as the latest apps available for Huawei phones, such as Carousell, Fairprice and DBS digibank.

Petal Search will return results for apps on Huawei’s own AppGallery, so they are at least certified by the Chinese phone maker.

It will also show results for third-party sites and app stores. So, make sure you are careful when downloading apps, in the form of APK files, from less well-known or trusted sites.

Some apps you may find may include Spotify or Netflix, which users use often on their Android devices.

Petal Search is now available in Singapore from the AppGallery in Huawei phones. It is also included as part of the latest EMUI software update.

Huawei will hope that Petal Search can overcome the difficulties that users face today because the lack of Google services has dealt a huge blow to the ambitions of the Chinese phone maker.

Important apps such as Gmail and Google Maps are missing but more importantly, the lack of Google Mobile Services means that apps such as Grab that rely on location services are not available on recent Huawei phones such as the P40. This has been a deal breaker for many potential buyers.

Huawei still uses the open-source version of the Android operating system, just not the same as what Google puts out for other phone makers, which comes with a package of Google apps and services.

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