Upskill at your own pace with online courses at new Techgoondu Learn portal

July 6th, 2021 | by Techgoondu
Upskill at your own pace with online courses at new Techgoondu Learn portal

If you’ve always wanted to learn real-world business skills from those who have closed business deals and managed successful companies, then the online courses on the new Techgoondu Learn portal will be a good starting point.

Launched today, it will provide courses that empower both entrepreneurs starting out on their first business and experienced mid-career professionals looking for new opportunities.

The self-paced online courses, available on the Techgoondu website, aim to help participants upskill in a flexible yet rewarding manner. The content is designed to enable participants to take advantages of opportunities in a new economy where disruption is the norm.

A course with guidance on making business decisions with one’s financial statements will be helpful to guide those with little experience in managing a new business, for example.

Some of the courses are also localised to the region. Someone seeking to understand Southeast Asia better, for example, can sign up for a course on preparing for market entry in the fast-growing region.

The courses will come with on-demand videos, relevant case studies and other learning materials delivered over a learning kit.

Instructors come from various business backgrounds, from experts who have successfully set up and sold technology startups in the region to trainers who are well-versed in topics that include marketing, sales, publicity and other technical niches.

The first batch of content available for enrolment is provided by BlackStorm Consulting, a boutique business consulting firm that specialises in scaling businesses, particularly within Southeast Asia.

Over the years, BlackStorm Consulting has worked and partnered with companies ranging from small and medium sized businesses and multinational corporations to government agencies.

The Techgoondu Learn portal is a collaboration between Goondu Media, the company behind Techgoondu, and Singapore-based e-learning platform Xprenia.

At launch, courses are priced from US$19.90 each (at an attractive 80 per cent discount). They are open to all members of the public.

For participants seeking more personalised guidance after completing the courses, selected experts and coaches also provide one-to-one consultancy services. These include advice on entering Southeast Asia or scaling up one’s business in a post-pandemic economy.

More courses will be uploaded as the Techgoondu Learn portal is developed throughout 2021. In future, community events will also allow members with common interests to interact with one another.

Find out more about Techgoondu Learn here.

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