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Trend Micro: Singapore users more reliant on cloud despite security concerns

Surprisingly, respondents rely heavily on these cloud services, despite 20 per cent

Desmond Koh Desmond Koh

Cloud IT infrastructure spending to grow 24 per cent this year

Enterprises are expected to spend more on cloud services this year, with

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

Q&A: Is big data too big for SMEs?

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which may generate just as much

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Q&A: Enterprises to shift more critical applications to the cloud, says Barracuda

Even though cloud computing has gone mainstream, there's still room for growth

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Top eight IT predictions for 2015

IT security, big data and cloud computing have dominated the headlines this

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The cloud at your service

Brought to you by ReadySpace Managing thousands of part-time workers is no small

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Salesforce to expand cloud offerings, eyes SAP

Salesforce.com is gearing up for a wider range of cloud-based software targeted

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Leaked Dropbox accounts or no, consumers have to wise up on security

Clearly the threat has increased and a change of mindset is needed

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Microsoft, Salesforce join hands in Office and Windows

It would have been hard to imagine Microsoft and Salesforce sharing the

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With Wave, Salesforce.com wants to disrupt the analytics market

For years, Salesforce.com, the poster boy of cloud computing, has been criticised for offering

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HP shows off new ‘Moonshot’ microservers in Singapore

Warning of a “breaking point” in today’s data centers, HP on Tuesday

Raymond Lau Raymond Lau

Singapore nursing homes turn to cloud, mobile technologies

Seven nursing homes in Singapore have turned to cloud and mobile technologies

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UNWIRED 2012: Playing in the cloud

“The future of everything is mobile and social,” said Colin Miles, Chairman

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Box OneCloud lets apps save data to the cloud

What if you could edit business documents stored on the cloud using

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