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Debate on computational photography misses what’s real, what’s lived outside a frame

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and “computational photography mad science” to improve smartphones

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How mirrorless cameras can attract users in era of computational photography

Mirrorless cameras shoot great pictures but the lack of lenses and difficulty

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Can the best smartphone cameras like Sony Xperia Pro-I beat standalone cameras?

Can a "professional" smartphone camera like the Sony Xperia Pro-I beat a

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What’s next for smartphone imaging?

With larger sensors and computational photography, smartphone imaging has come of age

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2021 promises to be another year of change for digital imaging

More people are turning to smartphones and mirrorless cameras to shoot their

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No turning back from mirrorless cameras now?

Mirrorless cameras are winning over professional photographers as their image quality has

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Goondu review: Huawei P40 Pro 5G

The Huawei P40 Pro shines as a camera with its larger image

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