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Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S4s in under a month

When a fad has taken hold, it's hard to stop.

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Does Galaxy S4 “Nexus” from Google mark a new trend?

If Samsung's new flagship phone is the way forward for future Google…

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Goondu DIY: simple tweaks for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Love the phone but can't stand Samsung's interface? Here are some simple…

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What to buy: Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One or Sony Xperia Z?

Which among the three most desirable phones should you buy? Here's a…

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Commentary: What makes Samsung smartphones so popular?

The Korean electronics giant looks set to maintain its reign as the…

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Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S4 is not as “plasticky” as thought

No, it's not as flimsy as originally thought, and the Galaxy S4…

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Samsung keeps formula with Galaxy S4, adds software tweaks

The bright screen, as usual, is great from Samsung, but will its…

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