Killer new Facebook panel for Xperia

December 22nd, 2008 | by Boon Kiat

Call me impressed with blobs meet Facebook concept! Having used the new Facebook Xperia panel briefly last week, I must say this alternative mobile interface for Facebook is one of the best to date. Better than Facebook’s own insipid mobile version.

I don’t have a screenshot to show, but click on this link to see what I mean by blobs. Basically, Xperia X1 owners who have installed this free panel will be greeted by a Facebook home screen where their friends’ thumbnail photos float quiveringly in blobs around you. Click on a blob to read your friend’s latest status. Better yet, viewing inbox messages, updating status and all those other addictive Facebook chores are all neatly and intuitively collated in the panel.

And the best part is of this panel is that it is surprisingly fleetfooted, something which the other Xperia panels are not. It’s free for Xperia owners, who can go download here.

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