TG Scoop: The World’s Toughest Phone is set to hit Singapore!

March 6th, 2009 | by Aaron Tan

Sonim XP3 Enduro | S$598 without contract | Available in Q2 2009

Ruggedness has a new phone. This death-defying mobile is so tough; it tempts you to break it… if you can. Sealed against dust, water and thermal shock, the rubber-cased XP3 can be dropped from 1.65 metres onto solid concrete and its electronic innards can withstand vibrations of up to 500 hertz. Sounds like a ringtone pipe dream? Sonim begs to differ. Each XP3 is backed with an unconditional 3-year guarantee.

The XP3 can stay submerged in a metre depth of water for a full 30 minutes and still make calls. And it doesn’t matter whether you pick up a call in the Alps or the Sahara, this phone is sturdy enough to operate at both ends of the thermometer (-20 to 60 degrees Celsius). Rambo would’ve been proud.

Click on “more” to see the video of Eva ( and Edvarcl (Techgoondu) subjecting the Sonim to a torture test ! (fast forward to 2.01 mins)

TG note: We’ve been having trouble with the embed link, so if it doesn’t work (again), please use this link instead.


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