A richer Facebook on Windows Mobile

May 8th, 2009 | by Alfred Siew

Not long after Sony Ericsson put an easy-access Facebook app on its phones, Microsoft is getting into the social media act as well by coming up with a Facebook app for Windows Mobile users.

You can already get a nice mobile version of Facebook through your phone’s Web browser, but this new app from Microsoft, available for download today, promises a richer experience.

The app, claims Microsoft, is the first to let users upload videos. That’s important, the software giant says, because Facebook users post 415,000 video uploads each day.

At the same time, while the Web version is a lot more text-based, the Facebook for Windows Mobile app gives you more images on-screen, as well as contextual menus to do more things, such as to add a photo or change your oh-so-vain status update.

Going by the look of things, this app doesn’t seem as cool as Sony Ericsson’s, which gives a live update of your friends’ status on the home screen of the phone. SE’s offering also lets you scroll quickly through your friends list to see what they’ve been up to.

Still, being a Facebook geek, I’ll be downloading this for my Windows Mobile 6-based HTC Touch Diamond. And if you, like I, want the world to see what you’re doing all the time, then this is one download you’ll likely enjoy. Upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 phones will also be able to access this app when the devices start appearing later this year.


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