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Sony PS3 Slim at S$512 in Singapore

September 18th, 2009 | by Alfred Siew

Singapore will get the much-awaited Sony Playstation 3 “slim” game console here next month at a price of S$512, said Sony yesterday on the sidelines of the Games Convention Asia (GCA).

The slimmer version of the PS3 was first announced last month. As you’d see from the pictures, it is a much prettier version than its fatter sibling that first went on sale in 2006.

Unfortunately, it’s not that cheap. I think the price-cut original PS3 is now an even more attractive proposition.

Meanwhile, for gamers on the go, Sony says the PSP Go will also go on sale here in Singapore on October 1 for S$412.


  1. Reality says:

    I’ve started a thread (PS3 Slim Price Watch) to list the shops in SG selling cheap PS3 Slims. Fyi! 🙂

  2. PS3slim Watcher says:


    At the time of writing, Qisahn selling at S$475 while GamezGallery selling at S$465. Please google for their websites. 🙂

  3. Chester says:

    Seow Choon has the PS3 Slim (local warrantied set) for $489. No promotional packaging or bundling.

  4. gubernaculum says:


    Don’t buy until they lower the price to that of the rest of the world. Why should we pay so much more than the taiwanese or americans.

    If no one buys sony will be forced to lower prices.

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  6. xtrocious says:

    I seriously doubt it is the import tax…

    Maybe the big companies just think that Singaporeans are suckers…

    But fear not – there’s always the parallel importers to turn to 🙂

  7. Antitrust says:

    PS3 should be around 420 sing dollars.. 512 a bit too much

    It’s USD 299/- in US.. Zzzzzzzz

    The import tax way too high? .. that’s ridicules seriously guys

  8. limbeer says:

    It’s HKD2,399 here in HK. Given the 1SGD:5.4HKD exchange rate, that’s SGD444!

  9. acroamatic says:

    Not that cheap? That’s an understatement considering the PSP3 Slim’s price elsewhere in the world.

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