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Sony PS Vita to come in new red and blue colours in Singapore

November 12th, 2012 | by Alfred Siew

Here’s an early year-end gift idea for folks who love Sony’s portable game console. The Playstation Vita is coming in “cosmic red” and “sapphire blue” for the 3G and Wi-Fi-only models on November 22.

The 3G plus Wi-Fi model will go for S$469, while the Wi-Fi-only model will cost S$399.

For those interested in matching their game consoles, Sony is also selling red and blue PS Vita earphones for S$19.90 each. They will be in stores at the same time as the new flavours of the game console.

Despite not dropping prices since its launch in Singapore in February, Sony will hope for better sales for its much-doubted game console. Some gamers still buy its seven-year-old PSP game console in favour of the PS Vita, while Nintendo’s 3DS has proven a tough competitor.

Then there are smartphones that have taken the casual gaming market by storm, leaving only those “hardcore” enough to game on a superior, if expensive, portable device like the PS Vita.


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