SingTel users can pay for Windows Phone apps via monthly bill

March 6th, 2014 | by Alfred Siew
SingTel users can pay for Windows Phone apps via monthly bill

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SingTel’s smartphone subscribers can now pay for apps and other digital content that they buy over the Windows Phone store via their monthly mobile bill. 

Singapore’s largest telecom operator today said it had cut a deal with Microsoft to enable this additional payment option. When buying an app, for example, users only have to select the option to be charged through SingTel.

The arrangement follows the telco’s previous deal with Google to provide the same billing option for Android apps. 

Besides the convenience of having just one bill, direct carrier billing also means users don’t need a credit card to buy apps.

So far, SingTel seems to be ahead of its rivals when it comes to offering this added convenience for its postpaid mobile users.

StarHub told Techgoondu today that it would offer the same direct billing arrangement for both Android and Windows Phone users by the second quarter of this year.

UPDATE: M1 will roll out a similar billing arrangement for Windows Phone users in the coming weeks, according to its spokesman.


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