On Lazada, Razer Game Store starts selling games online to Southeast Asia gamers

April 12th, 2018 | by Wilson Wong
On Lazada, Razer Game Store starts selling games online to Southeast Asia gamers

SCREENSHOT: Razer’s online store on Lazada

If you are in the market for the latest PC games, Lazada has now partnered with Razer to open a virtual store for gamers in Southeast Asia, starting with Singapore.

Simply called Razer Game Store, it not only sells the hottest games but also the range of gaming accessories that Razer is famous for.

Having a one-stop online shop is certainly an easier option than having to go to the various marketplace to ease your gaming itch.

The new Razer store comes stocked with a sizable amount of games from Ubisoft, Bethsda, Deep Silver, 2K and Rockstar.

Furthermore, the games are priced in local currency so that users need not deal with the various extra costs associated with foreign currency exchange.

The launch in Singapore. PHOTO: Wilson Wong

A quick check on Lazada.sg shows quite a good range of games on sale. Among the hottest games right now, Far Cry 5 is now going for S$62.99, about 10 per cent off the recommended retail price.

There is also a 15 per cent discount when you check out using the code RGSLAZ15. To get more discounts, Lazada’s LiveUp membership gets a further 5 per cent for any purchase after the launch promotion discount is applied.

To install the game, a Razer ID has to be created to gain access to the activation code. It has to be activated on platforms on Steam and Uplay.

The Razer store is now available to Singapore gamers. There are plans for e-stores in Malaysia and Thailand in the second quarter of this year, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines afterwards.

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