M1’s new mobile remittance service uses MyInfo digital service

May 17th, 2018 | by Alfred Siew

M1 unveiled a new remittance service today that makes use of the Singapore government’s MyInfo digital service to let users easily register themselves and send money on their phones.

The M1 Remit service marks the first time such a mobile remittance service is making use of MyInfo, a government data vault of sorts that manages user data and helps people transact more easily online.

For users, this means it is easier to authenticate themselves and get started on sending money on their phones, including to overseas accounts in 10 countries including India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

For GovTech, the government agency behind MyInfo, this will be seen as a step forward when it comes to commercial adoption of a key smart nation technology.

MyInfo is envisioned as an important component of the government’s push for digital IDs for everyone, so that they can identify themselves online securely and transact easily.┬áIn other words, less form filling and submitting verifying documents.

When it was first rolled out in 2016 for key government services, MyInfo enabled users to easily pre-fill their forms to apply for things such as public housing.

Last year, private sector entities such as banks started using the technology to pre-fill forms, say, for new applications. Today’s adoption by M1 will add to the list of organisations using MyInfo.

With it, users can easily perform instant account registration and verification using the M1 Remit mobile app anytime, anywhere, and thereafter transact their remittance, said M1 today in a statement.

Users can complete their remittance transaction simply by making their payment through the same mobile app at their convenience.


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