Maybank: Building trust since 1960

November 30th, 2018 | by Techgoondu

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Technology has broken down many barriers so it is not difficult to find new ways to bank today. From growing one’s business to investing for the future, customers have more options than before.

What makes one bank more valuable than another in their eyes? The difference is in the relationships we create. That is one important link that never changes. Indeed, it has become more important today.

At Maybank, what makes things unique is that we put people first. When we do that, we become an organisation with a heart. This is what we at Maybank call Humanising Financial Services.

A loan is not just a loan. It is an opportunity and a means to expand one’s business for the future. For many companies, it is the realisation of one’s ambitions. Only by understanding customers’ needs and aspirations can we make a real difference in everything we do.

Similarly, an investment is not just an investment. It involves the hopes and dreams for the future, whether this is a college fund for a child or simply saving for retirement. A bank has to understand these wishes to be truly transformative in the way we do business.

Transformation is one word that comes up often today. For many banks, the changes all come back to one thing – trust.

We matter because customers trust us with their future. At Maybank, we have understood that since our incorporation in Singapore in 1960 and growing into a leading financial services provider in Asia today. In the years ahead trust will continue to guide us.

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