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NetSuite focuses on enhancing text for its GenAI strategy

Cloud-based business software firm Oracle NetSuite is infusing generative AI features in

Grace Chng Grace Chng

ANA switches to Oracle ERP Cloud, improves compliance and ability to make business

In just eight months, a new cloud-based ERP systems has enabled ANA

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Can governments drive the adoption of blockchain?

Malaysia’s national applied research and development agency, MIMOS, is using blockchain to

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Oracle goes AI in a big way with cloud, database services

With a new logo and a true-to-form performance from executive chairman Larry

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NetSuite expands internationally after Oracle acquisition

Life after Oracle is good for NetSuite, one of the oldest software-as-a-service

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SAP: Why we’re the right vendor for Big Data

SAP tells techgoondu why their Big Data solutions are better than other

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

Oracle: Telcos, banks and government leading Big Data in ASEAN

In ASEAN, Oracle is seeing traction in the telco, banking and government

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

Goondu Q&A: Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

Starting from today, Techgoondu will be launching a monthly Q&A series where

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

Oracle zeros in on the cloud and big data

Amidst the brouhaha surrounding the spat between Oracle and Salesforce at Oracle

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No-show for Salesforce at Oracle OpenWorld this year

The growing rivalry between and Oracle reached a pinnacle this week

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Oracle unwraps Fusion Applications

Five years in the making, Oracle's line of next generation business applications

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The future of Java

The acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle had left developers on tenterhooks

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Oracle spins off new “unbreakable” Linux kernel

Constrained by Red Hat's tardiness in keeping Red Hat Enterprise Linux up

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

Oracle joins cloud computing fray

Oracle became the latest major IT vendor to tap into the red-hot

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

SAP will not contest liability of TomorrowNow in Oracle lawsuit

On Thursday, SAP said that it will accept financial responsibility for any

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

Oracle unveils fruits of Project Fusion

After four years since its inception, Project Fusion, Oracle's next generation suite

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The goondu interview: Oracle social CRM

With more workers Twittering and connecting with one another through Facebook and

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

The goondu interview: Oracle Exadata v2

Techgoondu caught up with Ron Weiss, Oracle's director of product management, on

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

Oracle to buy Sun for US$7.4 billion

Two weeks after IBM decided against buying Sun, Oracle announced just hours

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