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Contact tracing data deleted in Singapore but audit will add transparency

While it's good that the TraceTogether contact tracing data is deleted, an

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Paid Facebook, Instagram subscriptions raise more questions on privacy, influence

While paid Facebook and Instagram subscriptions let users avoid seeing ads, they

Esmond Xu Esmond Xu

Beyond polls and editable messages, a few WhatsApp privacy, migration features we truly need

WhatsApp has had new handy features of late but what else does

Esmond Xu Esmond Xu

New media with old media problems, as Facebook looks to paid subscriptions

It's quite a turnaround for Facebook, which had reported its first decline

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

How private is your data?

Laws and reputations can force companies and other organisations to protect PII,

Techgoondu Techgoondu

Is it time to abandon WhatsApp and switch to Signal, Telegram?

WhatsApp is learning that you can lose customers as fast as you

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

TraceTogether debacle shows Singapore needs better data protection than a simple “trust us”

However you see it, the fact that TraceTogether contact-tracing data can be

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Citizens are wary of giving up personal data during Covid-19. It’s a good thing

People should be asking is what types of data will be collected

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Goondu DIY: Avoiding those annoying ads you see on Facebook

By looking through and adjusting your Facebook ad preferences, you can reduce

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Apple boosts privacy and security with new login feature

Sign-in With Apple is a smart approach to privacy for the company

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Less than 1 in 4 Singapore consumers trust personal data with organisations

Only 23 per cent of Singapore consumers believe that their personal data

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Complexity in IT systems is making it tough to fight cyber attacks and protect private data

The complexity of IT systems is the underlying reason for successful cyber

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

4 handy tips to protect your smartphone privacy

With more information shared online, the risk of losing one's privacy goes

Louis Teo Louis Teo

Net-savvy Singapore users worry about digital privacy: EY survey

Privacy is one of the topmost concerns among the digitally active in

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Five privacy questions for Singapore’s gantry-free ERP system

Almost as a side note to how great this new satellite tracking

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Leaked Dropbox accounts or no, consumers have to wise up on security

Clearly the threat has increased and a change of mindset is needed

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Trend Micro: Singapore users not well-protected against privacy breaches

Singapore users are worried about privacy but fail to do enough to

Desmond Koh Desmond Koh

Will rapid push for Internet of Things push aside security concerns?

In making previously dumb devices smart, we are also exposing them to

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Commentary: data protection commission investigates 1,500 valid complaints

If there was any doubt how serious the problem was, there's now

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Are we picking up the right slice of Big Data?

Many decisions in the years ahead, you fear, will be made on

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