Massive price drops for Nvidia cards

July 5th, 2008 | by Alfred Siew

The anticipated price wars have begun! Reports everywhere are suggesting that Nvidia are finally lowering ther crazy S$999 prices for their GTX 280s. If you go to, you’ see that you can now get a MSI GTX 280 for US$459.99, which works out to be about S$620.10.

Now that’s a mch improved deal, if you consider that the cheapest GTX 280 you can get now in Singapore costs about S$899 at Potterhouse. Sure, the new $600 price is still higher than two ATI HD4850s (S$500+), but hey, there’s no worry about Crossfire scaling since the GTX 280 is a one-card solution.

Now, there’s only the wait for the price drops to come to SG, which will be swift, I assume. If you have been looking for the next best thing in a while, the GTX 280 suddenly looks great again… unless of course you want later versions with smaller die and things like DX10.1.

Now, this BFG-Dangerden GTX 280 monster would be a great replacement for my water-cooled 8800GTX now. (It costs more than stock GTX 280 of coz, but you can always buy the Danger Den waterblock separately).

BFG watercooled 280GTX

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