Apple Store to open on 24 Sep in Hong Kong

September 21st, 2011 | by limbeer

Apple Store Hong Kong opening on 24 Sep

Hong Kong’s getting the real deal this weekend, and it comes in the form of huge Apple Store right smack in Central. And the curtains have literally come off. MIC Gadget has the scoop on that and has photos of … people taking photos of the store. Plus photos of the store.

At 20,000 sq feet spread across two floors, in one of the most expensive malls in Hong Kong – it sure sounds like a lot of money until you think about the US$7 billion in profits that the company raked in in a quarter.

Anyway, what CAN the average Apple fanboy/girl do at an Apple Store.

He/She could of course buy and learn how to use an Apple product. Get tech support from the beer-less Genius Bar. Sit in their many workshops to learn how to use their apps. And of course chat up fellow Apple fanboys/girls – where else would they rather be?

Oh but wait, can this be? Apple has JOBS in Hong Kong! No, not Steve himself, but salary-paying jobs. I can already hear the Magic Mice clicks and the frantic Magic Trackpad taps. They still have positions open – which leaves me wondering … have they already sucked up all the Geniuses in this Special Administrative Region?

Jobs at the Apple Store. No. Not Steve himself.

No promises, but Techgoondu’s Hong Kong correspondent might just brave the Applemania this weekend to bring you some snaps of the madness.


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