SMRT parodies on social media

December 20th, 2011 | by Chan Chi-Loong

It can’t be said that Singaporeans don’t have a sense of humour.

The recent SMRT debacle has provided lots of juicy fodder for spoofs of every sort.

Rather than stew in anger or rage in impotence, some people have gotten creative instead.

This #SMRT YouTube parody has been steadily clocking in tens of thousands of views — currently around 62,000-odd — since it was launched two days ago on December 18th. Watch:

Mr Brown (aka Lee Kin Mun) is one of the best known bloggers in Singapore, and is behind the extremely funny Mr Brown Show. It’s no surprise that his hilarious “Limpeh not happy” take on the issue is clocking above 175,000 views as of now.

Side note: to fully understand the parody you will need to watch the infamous Aaron Tan (no relation to Techgoondu’s Aaron) video.

Aaron is one of several notorious Singapore social media personalities who are reviled for their posts, like Adelyn Hosehbo and Steven Lim. Bleargh. Non-Singaporeans, please note that they don’t represent the majority of us.

This YouTube SMRT spoof song — set to the music of “Apologize” by One Republic — is pretty fun as well:

Of course, the parodies go beyond YouTube. Facebook has seen some action with their fake SMRT(feedback) Facebook page, which Alfred has already written up a great post about.

On Twitter, one of the most viral memes on the SMRT issue has been on the topic of “Who broke that MRT window?”. Blogger Darryl Kang at has one of the better roundups on this particular issue, featuring angry birds and the Marvel’s Hulk.

Angry bird smashes glass! RAAAGH!!!

Even celebrities have taken to lampooning SMRT, from The Noose’s (a popular Singapore fake news comedy series) Barbarella and Leticia Bongnino on Twitter.

And lastly, to round things off, here is a nice series of tongue-in-cheek SMRT “announcements” by Gweekspeak that has been circulating on the Internet. Enjoy.


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