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Q&A: Singapore pushes ahead with virtual experiences to drive tourism

The jury is still out on metaverse technologies but users are spending

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

The metaverse may seem a strange idea but we’re already through the rabbit hole

We've already begun the journey into the metaverse with so much of

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Experiencing Singapore-made virtual reality school lessons and medical training

These applications are increasingly real-world and focused on solving real problems, and

Desmond Koh Desmond Koh

Augmented reality comes to life with Metavision Meta 2 glasses

"For the first time, I feel like I am wearing a device

Desmond Koh Desmond Koh

Goondu review: PlayStation VR

For now, the Playstation VR is probably the most price friendly and

Yap Hui Bin Yap Hui Bin

Parrot drones promise first-person experience through virtual reality headset

You no longer need a pilot license to experience the joys of

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Hands on: Halcyon – an experiential drama powered by virtual reality

In Halcyon, you can look around the residence of a victim through

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Ready for virtual reality? PlayStation VR will launch Oct 13 in Singapore

Looking forward to exploring a virtual world all in your head? PlayStation

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E3 2015: A PC gamer’s roundup of what’s hot

From a Star Wars battlefront to the wastelands of Fallout 4, the

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Hands-on: Google Cardboard

With Facebook's acquisition of Oculus Rift for US$2 billion and Samsung surprising

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