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Commentary: SingTel not making money from World Cup? That’s good news

16 Apr
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So, SingTel may not make any money after all for bringing the World Cup to TV screens in Singapore.

Don’t expect any football fan here to shed a tear for the pay-TV operator though, despite Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Lawrence Wong’s disclosure in Parliament on Monday.

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Will StarHub’s new set-top box matter with streaming video?

11 Apr
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Samsung HD Interactive set-top box

Okay, the answer is yes, for now. Clearly, with half a million households on cable TV in Singapore, StarHub’s newfangled set-top box unveiled yesterday will still matter to some couch potatoes in Singapore.

Made by Samsung, it is the first of three to be launched and which promises an experience that is four times faster. So now, you don’t have to wait that long for the annoying menu to pop up. The interface is also less cluttered and makes you feel you are controlling a smart device, like a WD Live streaming box.

Yet, therein lies the difference. The set-top box, like it or not, is still based on old cable TV technology. There will always be a slight lag between menus, because it still needs to pull stuff down over the cable network, one made for broadcast not interactivity.

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Top five moments of Sochi 2014 closing ceremony, as measured by Wi-Fi traffic

17 Mar
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When tens of thousands of athletes, fans, media, officials and volunteers descended on Sochi for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games last month, the organisers faced a considerable challenge: to ensure a reliable and efficient network experience to match a world-class event.

It took 18 months leading up to the event for network equipment vendor Avaya to develop and deploy 2,500 wireless access points across all venues, including Olympic Villages, competition venues, data centres and more.

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World Cup 2014 to come to both SingTel and StarHub screens

12 Mar


You’ll be able to watch the World Cup in Singapore on either SingTel or StarHub, when the biggest sporting event kicks off in June. However, you’d have to pay more than S$100, unless you sign up for a contract with a pay-TV operator.

SingTel today said it had won exclusive TV rights to the live matches. Thanks to Singapore’s cross carriage rules, it will have to show the matches on StarHub set-top boxes as well.

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Getting started on cloud CRM

6 Feb

Brought to you by Fuji Xerox

To many small organisations, embarking on a customer relationship management (CRM) initiative often means hefty investments in IT with uncertain returns.

That has changed with cloud computing, which has put CRM software within the reach of most small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

CRM, which includes sales and service automation capabilities, is a strong catalyst for improving revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Q&A: Akamai says people will watch next Olympics on watches, glasses

20 Jan
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David Habben - Akamai

Video has been one of the biggest reason people turn to the Internet these days with their PCs, tablets and smartphones. What many users don’t know is that smooth, high-resolution videos are possible today because of complex networks that distribute the demanding content across the world.

Akamai Technologies, a content delivery network provider, helps videos of, say, a live concert or Olympics event, to online viewers by delivering it through its global network of servers, which are situated close to where the audience is.

So, instead of everyone hitting the same server hosting a video, a Singapore viewer will stream it from an Akamai server based here, while another viewer in the United States will stream it from an American server. This brings smooth videos to users worldwide without saturating the original server.

David Habben, the company’s chief strategist for media for Asia-Pacific and Japan, recently spoke with Techgoondu over e-mail about the increasingly high-quality content coming on stream in the years ahead.

Move over HD video, he says, predicting that 4K clips featuring several times the resolution are becoming increasingly popular. And people will be viewing the clips using not just tablets and phones but also smart watches and glasses, according to him.

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Jay Chou, Maroon 5 top Spotify music charts in Singapore

9 Dec
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Jay Chou and Maroon 5 turned out to be the most popular singers for Singapore users of Spotify this year, according to data released late last week by the streaming service.

The two “most streamed” artists of the year headed a top 10 list that included familiar names such as Pink, One Republic, Daft Punk and Justin Timberlake. 

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The rise of the YouTube blogger

26 Nov
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For years, YouTube has been working with content creators to build their own YouTube channels.

But it’s not just the likes of Psy who can carve out stardom beyond their home turf. Homebodies, geeks, housewives, grandmas and even 12-year-olds can start their own channels and grow their audiences.

Take Ami Nishimura, a homemaker who started her own cooking channel, Ochikeron.

Speaking in English in her Japanese-subtitled videos that are posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, the video blogger has formed a large English-speaking audience, mainly in the US.

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Living with Google for a day

24 Nov
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Unless you’re the worst kind of Luddite – unconnected, quill-wielding – you probably can’t escape using any of Google’s products and services on any given day.

Actually, you can spend an entire day using a lot of Google stuff, from the time you wake up to the time you snooze, going by what I saw at a Google-organised trip to Taipei this week.

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Goondu review: UnoTelly

31 Oct


Local Internet service providers MyRepublic and ViewQwest may offer DNS routing services that let you access geo-restricted content from the likes of Hulu and Netflix, but what if you are still contracted with one of the Big Three telcos?

Until SingTel, StarHub and M1 launch similar offerings, consumers here have to turn to a myriad of VPN (virtual private network) and DNS services to get their fix of movies and latest episodes of American TV shows. Read our DIY guide on watching Netflix and Hulu in Singapore.

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