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Massive tech sector layoffs a reality check to pandemic-era excesses

Massive tech sector layoffs this year are a reality check to the

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As Black Friday online sales frenzy returns, are brands and retailers ready to innovate?

Competition is stiff among brands and retailers as the Black Friday buying

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A critical look at Matter, an upcoming, inter-operable smart home standard

Backed by platform players and device makers, Matter promises a smart home

Esmond Xu Esmond Xu

Amazon seized more than 2 million counterfeit products in 2020

Amazon seized more than two million counterfeit products that were sent to

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Can Singapore rely on renewable energy, as digital economy grows?

As the on-demand, digital economy grows the years ahead in Southeast Asia,

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Amazon finally opens full online store in Singapore

Amazon won't find the Singapore market an easy one to crack, because

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November is bargain hunting time for consumers with mega online shopping festivals

When Lazada kicks off its holiday season sales on November 11, bargain

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Singapore Budget 2018: GST to apply to digital services from 2020

As part of Budget 2018, GST could be applied to a wide

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How I cut the cord and watched more great shows on the telly

For consumers, there's never been a better time to cut the cord

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Amazon launches its Prime service in Singapore – to much confusion

If Amazon wants to ask people to pay for a subscription, even

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Out in Singapore now, Amazon’s online store spells trouble for retailers

In many ways, the hype around the launch is hard to live

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With Black Friday deals, SSDs get cheap enough for home storage

With SSD prices falling over Black Friday, these new storage devices are

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Singapore online retail space set for shakeup with potential Amazon entry

The online retail space in Singapore looks to be headed for a

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5 deals to show why you should buy online this holiday season

With steeply discounted items on American sites, you can actually buy something

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Google Street View extended to the Amazon rainforest

Google is bringing the wonders of the Amazon to a larger audience

Desmond Koh Desmond Koh

As Sitex opens its doors, Black Friday online deals prove more attractive

If local players don't buck up, each close of the year will

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Hands on: Poetic Slimline Portfolio cases for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

Looking for a smart case for your Nexus device? Poetic's Slimline Portfolio

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Geek Buy: the best eReader to use in Singapore

The Kobo Touch is a fantastic eReader for those looking for a

Raymond Lau Raymond Lau

Google Play brings the fight to Apple’s iCloud

Google Play signals Google's intent to take on Apple in the consumer

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

SingTel unveils local e-book service with skoob

Lovers of e-books in Singapore are getting their own local e-book fix,

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