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    M1 offers fixed IP add-on for home broadband users for S$2 a month
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M1 offers fixed IP add-on for home broadband users for S$2 a month

27 Mar

fiber optics close-up

M1′s home broadband users will be happy to know that it is offering a fixed IP address for just S$2 a month, enabling them to run their own servers and share files more easily.

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Comex 2013 deals worth checking out this weekend

7 Sep
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The quarterly craziness at Singapore’s regular IT bazaars is upon us again, with the Comex show already in full swing since Thursday this week.

If you’re looking for a quick bargain – and don’t mind the squeeze – there are deals worth checking out when you head down to the Singapore Expo grounds.

Here are five that we’ve picked out, if you’re looking for a tablet, PC, or broadband plan.

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Commentary: OpenNet sale has to satisfy several questions

29 Aug

The Opennet termination box

Despite very fast speeds and low prices, a fibre broadband service can be a rather painful thing to sign up for in Singapore.

One oft-cited reason: the contractor that owns the nationwide network takes too long to “turn on” the service, despite having laid the cable to almost all homes and offices islandwide. Complaints of poor customer service and even missed appointments by the contractor are not uncommon.

Now, that company, OpenNet, is going to be sold to a business trust, if government authorities okay the deal. The promise to consumers: installations will be smoother. 

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StarHub gives S$300 bill rebate to attract BPL subscribers

3 Aug


StarHub may spark off a new round of competition in pay-TV and broadband services today, as it promised to cut the bill for football fans who choose to watch the new Barclays Premier League (BPL) season on cable TV.

They will get a total of S$300 off their monthly TV and broadband bill when they sign up for “surf and watch” bundles released today by the “green” operator.

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Record number of fibre broadband sign-ups in June, as Singapore subscribers top 380,000

8 Jul
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blue fibre optic cables

More than 31,000 users signed up for fibre broadband services in Singapore in June, setting a new record for the number of subscriptions in a month as 100Mbps and faster connections become increasingly common in homes here.

Many of the new users hooked up on the fast lane during the PC Show last month. The number of subscribers for fibre broadband now stands as 380,000, less than three years after the first commercial services went online in August 2010.

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M1 starts offering IPv6 addresses for home broadband users

28 May

fiber optics close-up

M1 has become the latest service provider in Singapore to give home broadband users IPv6 Internet addresses, as part of a long-term plan to ensure that they can connect to websites moving to a new addressing system in future.

The IPv6 system allows trillions of computers, sensors and other Internet devices to each have an unique ID, enabling them to be more easily connected to one another.

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SingTel to lead group of companies in telecommuting pilot study

15 Mar
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SingTel is going to lead a pilot project to explore ways to telecommute and have flexible work arrangements, with the hopes of drawing an estimated 326,000 “economically inactive” Singaporeans back into the workforce.

By sending a modest 30 employees from five companies back to their own homes, the study aims to assess the viability of telecommuting on a larger scale and identify the problems that may arise out of such a work culture.

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IT Show 2013: new and noteworthy deals

8 Mar
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For some people, the unceasing IT bazaars such as this week’s IT Show seem to assault the senses every three months, with their loud discounts and thronging crowds.

Still, some brands treat the event as a launch pad for their new products, and other companies occasionally surprise us with generous gifts and low price points, so they’re worth checking out.

Here are a few new and noteworthy items at this year’s IT Show.

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MyRepublic unveils VPN-like service for video streaming

2 Mar
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A year after breaking into the fibre broadband scene with promises of un-throttled speeds and no data caps, Singapore-based fibre broadband start-up MyRepublic has unveiled a new service that lets subscribers connect to popular video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

This Teleport service is not a VPN (virtual private networking) service used usually to provide such video streaming. Instead, MyRepublic’s new add-on to its broadband services is a proprietary technology promising zero effort from the user to install or configure.

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Viewqwest adds China’s PPTV to its fibre broadband offering

3 Feb
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If you don’t want the bundled mio TV or StarHub cable when you sign up for fibre broadband in Singapore, there’s a new online TV offering from upstart challenger Viewqwest this week – the popular PPTV online TV service from China.

Folks who sign up for Viewqwest’s Freedom VPN plan will get “VIP access” to the PPTV service, which streams thousands of popular Asian drama serials and some Hollywood movies.

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