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Samsung unveils the Galaxy S5, as focus turns to low-cost models

25 Feb
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SM-G900F_charcoal BLACK_02

After rushing out larger, sharper screens, faster cameras and zippier processors in the past few years, smartphone makers seem to be pausing for breath by rolling out more of the same as 2014′s next big thing.

Perhaps the most obvious sign at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this week is Samsung’s new Galaxy S5. The top phone maker’s flagship model for 2014 looks very much like last year’s Galaxy S4, except with a screen that is just 0.1 inches larger.

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Sony updates waterproof sports MP3 player

14 Feb
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NWZ-W270S (3)

Swimmers who like to listen to their favourite tunes underwater now have another choice. Sony has just launched a new waterproof sports MP3 player that comes in both 4GB and 8GB capacities at pocket-friendly prices.

The NWZ-W270S all-in-one digital music player with both standard and swimming earbuds that help to keep water away from sensitive electronics.

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Goondu Review: Sony Alpha 7

10 Feb
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The Sony Alpha 7 is a camera that has garnered a lot of interest lately and it is clear why. It is arguably one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, around to house a 35mm full-frame sensor. It’s also a handy mirrorless camera system.

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Sony’s new Walkman NWZ-ZX1 targets audiophiles

18 Jan

Walkman NWZ-ZX1 (2)

Sony unveiled its new Walkman NWZ-ZX1, the company’s first music player to support high-resolution audio, earlier this week.

With high-quality playback that is claimed to be seven times the audio quality of what a CD can offer, this latest addition to the iconic Walkman line is bound to attract audio buffs seeking a media player capable of playing hi-res music.

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Goondu Review: Sony Cybershot RX10 bridge camera

9 Jan
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With all the attention given to smartphone photography and interchangeable lens systems for both mirrorless and digital SLRs, it is easy to overlook another type of camera – the bridge camera.

The Sony Cybershot RX10 is one such camera, which sort of “sits” between compact cameras and camera systems with interchangeable lenses. It provides features close to what’s on large DSLRs, but is cheaper as it doesn’t let you change its lenses.

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Goondu review: Sony XBA-H3 earphones

4 Jan
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PowerPoint プレゼンテーション

With so many headphones that promise to envelop a user with sound, is buying a buying a pair of smaller but still very expensive earphones, such as the S$438 Sony XBA-H3 a smart thing?

On the box, it announces that the earphones are balanced and provides “high-res” audio reproduction. Key to this are its use of balanced armature drivers that are more stable than typical dynamic drivers, which means the listener can enjoy the music at the earphone’s peak capacity.

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Hands on: Sony SmartWatch 2

8 Dec
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Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to go all guns blazing.

If Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch is all the hype in recent months, then Sony’s SmartWatch 2 is a rather understated, but somewhat more practical, take on wearable computing.

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Geek Buy: Sony Vaio Pro 13 impresses

30 Nov


When I first took it out of my bag at an airport security screening recently, I immediately felt how light the Sony Vaio Pro 13 was.

Sure, I had checked it out at the stores, even had my credit card out once at Sim Lim Square to buy it. But nothing beats finally owning – and carrying – the ultra-slim laptop from Sony that has been wowing everyone of late.

Out of the box, the thing that impresses first, and the most, is still its amazingly light frame that weighs a feather over 1kg. 

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Hands On: Sony DSC-QX10

24 Nov
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If you want better pictures than what your phone can capture, but don’t want to carry a separate camera around, Sony’s innovative DSC-QX10 shooter will definitely interest you.

As a smart point-and-shoot camera, it also links up wirelessly with your smartphone, so you can use it as a portable lens to improve your smartphone’s image quality.

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Hands On: Sony NEX 5T

21 Nov
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The SONY NEX system has been around for quite some time. It’s been using the APS-C crop sensor as its first mirror-less system while relying on the company’s own E-Mount ingeniously when the mirrorless market was still at its infancy.

At that point in time, having a full-frame 35mm equivalent sensor would have priced the NEX cameras out of reach for many. Using the 16.1 MegaPixel APS-C sized crop sensor was, and still is, a good balance of size, price and image quality. This is clear in the latest NEX-5T, which goes for S$999 here in Singapore.

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