Motorola Milestone comes to StarHub – and it’s cheap

March 27th, 2010 | by Alfred Siew

It’s official.

Two months after Techgoondu first broke the news that the Motorola Milestone was coming to Singapore via StarHub in March, the companies have unveiled that the much sought-after phone will go on sale this weekend.

The Android 2.1 phone with a keyboard is not just slim but also runs fast with Google’s latest OS that seems to be gobbling up the market, effortlessly adding more phone makers under its banner each month.

Besides the expected features, the Milestone has something that many Android users here have yet to enjoy – turn-by-turn navigation via MotoNav. This is a cheap alternative to the GPS in your car now.

And here’s the good news for all you anxious fans who have been waiting for a fast smartphone with a handy keyboard: the Milestone is cheap!

Prices start from just S$198 with a two-year subscription to a S$38-a-month voice-cum-data plan with StarHub. The phone is free if you subscribe to its high-end plans that costs S$98 or more a month.

If you want to buy the phone without a plan, it’d cost S$888.

Here’s the lowdown.

Items3G SmartSurf 1003G SmartSurf 3003G SmartSurf 7003G SmartSurf Unlimited
Monthly Subscription (w/GST)$38$58$98$205
Voice credit (mins)1003007002000
SMS/MMS credit5005005002000
Data credit (GB)121212Unlimited
Data usage price cap$30$30$30N.A.
MILESTONE pricing$198$98$00$00

It’s turning out to be an Android party this year, and that’s a good thing because it gives people choice (take that, one-shaped iPhone).

Come next month, the HTC Legend is coming to town, and the HTC Desire – essentially a modified version of Google’s Nexus One – should be here shortly after as well. And we have not talked about Sony Ericsson and Samsung yet.


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