StarHub TV on Nexus One – finally

April 2nd, 2010 | by Alfred Siew

You can now watch StarHub’s mobile TV channels, including some free ones, on your Nexus One phone by simply downloading the StarHub TV app via the Google Android market on your phone. Just search for “StarHub” (for some reason, it’s not on Androlib, so search for it on your phone).

After weeks of trying to tweak my Nexus One’s settings high and low, I had given up on watching these programmes on my Google phone.

Then came a lucky break last night when I was searching for stuff on Android market for my wife’s new Mototorola Milestone – the StarHub TV app is actually on Android market!

Why didn’t StarHub tell us so? That would have saved lots of people all the time trying to figure out how to watch the mobile TV channels on their new Nexus One. I have not tried this out on other phones, but if you manage to do so on your HTC Hero, for example, do share the info!

Anyway, go on and download the app (looks like the same free one from SPB that is being pre-installed on the Milestone) and enjoy your programmes.

Some are free if you’ve already signed up for them on your cable TV service. I got Football Channel free, for example, because I’m a StarHub sports package subscriber.

[UPDATE: Sorry folks, the free mobile channels are not tied to what you have signed up on your cable TV service – thanks to Albert for pointing this out.]


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