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Announcing the winners of the Toshiba AS100 tablet Techgoondu Giveaway contest

December 24th, 2010 | by Chan Chi-Loong

A big thank you to all readers who participated in our Toshiba AS100 tablet Techgoondu Giveaway contest.

Like our previous contests, all winners were chosen by a democratic vote of the goondus.

We received close to 200 submissions, but unfortunately we’ve got to whittle the field down to pick our winners.

Congratulations to our winner Mr Lim Chee Wee from Queenstown, who is now the proud owner of the AS100 tablet.

Our winner Chee Wee holding his Toshiba AS100 tablet flanked by goondus Chi-Loong and Gin on the left, and Aaron and Alf on the right

Here’s the simple and short but touching winning submission from this dad, who also works in the IT industry:

I will use the tablet for my 3 year old daughter. For a 23.5 week preemie who had brain bleeding, heart surgery and lung inflection, she has come a long way. Since she love computers and multi-touch screens, this will be a great device to work her gray matters and improve her motor skills at the same time!

We also gave out a second and third prize for this contest. Our second winner, Xin from Hougang, walked away with an Elgato eyetv DTT deluxe TV tuner. Here’s her winning submission:

I risk to be labeled as a bimbo once I recite my reasons but anyway, at least I am honest and I am not shy to proclaim my love and desire to own this lovely tablet.

Reason No. 1: To Show-off & Impress! Imagine bumping into a potential client on the street and I could instantly whip out the tablet and present right away without the hassle of setting up and waiting for the laptop to take ages to boot up. And now I go up the an ipad user and say, “hey, look! I am from a different school and my toy is more capable in terms of connectivity and file sharing!”

Reason No. 2: To Kill Time & Have Fun! As a struggling field sales rep, I rely very much on the public transport to take me from point A to point B and apart from enduring those torturing journeys, I have to waste more precious time staring into blank space waiting for unapologetic clients to turn up. But with the tablet, I could fully utilize the travel time to watch a movie or perhaps read an e-book and while waiting for the client, I could discreetly keep myself entertained with a little game or connect with friends on social networks.

Reason No. 3: To Work, To Learn, To Plan, To Play & many more! With the Android platform and tones of apps available, the ways of using the tablet are practically endless but one thing for sure, it is going to be a great ‘ice-breaker’ in awkward social situations and a powerful ‘men-magnet’ for me..ha, ha! Cheers!

Our last winner did not turn up to collect his prize, a secure remote file-access remote control access device from local company iTwin. If you received an email and SMS from us, you know who you are. (If you didn’t, you probably didn’t win anything. Sorry.)

We’ll hold this prize until the first week of January. If it is still not collected after that, it’ll be forfeited and we’ll give it away in a contest in January.

Stay tuned to Techgoondu, because we’ve got Motorola Defy phones, sets of Parallels Desktop 6 software and many other goodies to give away in January!

Till then, have a merry, merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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