Hooq to bring video streaming service to Singapore

April 11th, 2016 | by Alfred Siew
Hooq to bring video streaming service to Singapore

Screen capture of the Hooq website

Hooq, the regional video streaming service, will be offered in Singapore eventually but with a content mix that’s different from rivals such as Netflix, said its chief executive officer Peter Bithos.

He argued that the millions of emerging market consumers Across Asia want and need something different, adding that his company is not going after the same customer.

“We​ remain totally​ focused on the​ emerging market customer,​ ​offering a content mix tailored with the ​best of Hollywood​ and an amazing local catalog as well,” he told Techgoondu.

The service was launched last year by parent company Singtel, in a move seen by many as a “pre-emptive strike” against the entry of Netflix in the region.

Since then, the telecom operator has partnered Netflix in Singapore by offering the service on its pay-TV set-top boxes. It is thus surprising to hear of yet another streaming service coming to Singapore.

Bithos would only confirm Hooq’s entry to its home ground, without disclosing when this would happen. “Yes. It’s our home. We’re coming. And we’re looking forward to it!”

He also said that Hooq’s experience in the Philippines, Thailand and India, where the service is now available, would work in its favour.

“At Hooq, we definitely believe that one size doesn’t fit all. We know that what works in North America won’t necessarily work here,” he added.

However, the same could be said a couple of recently launched services such as iflix, another offering aimed at the region and Viu, which offers Korean dramas for free online.

Each promises a unique mix of local and regional programmes catering to the diverse palettes of Asian consumers.

Even Netflix, the global player, has said it wants to bring more local content to the TV screen, on top of its international titles, by working with local creative talents to come up with new shows.

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