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Uber to move Asia-Pacific HQ out of Singapore

At its Singapore office opening last year, Uber was keen to be

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Enter the “Connected Everything++” universe of the roaring 2020s

In the roaring 2020s era where everything is connected, we can expect

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Uber opens Asia-Pacific hub in Singapore, despite leaving market earlier

About a year after exiting Southeast Asia, Uber showed off a new

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Techgoondu Conversations: A potential M1 buyout and impact of Grab, Uber fines

After much talk for more than a year, an M1 buyout now

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Singapore competition watchdog fines Grab, Uber a total of S$13 million, a drop in the ocean

A S$13 million fine is no trivial sum, but put into perspective,

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Singapore authorities threaten to unwind Grab-Uber merger but the cab has long left

In the Grab-Uber merger, the authorities here have been shown up in

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As Uber ends rides in Singapore, what lessons for regulating platform companies?

With Grab and Uber, regulators could hardly say no to the merger,

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Troubles with Grab-Uber merger a reminder of the complexity of urban issues

People had high expectations - perhaps unrealistic ones - of technology solving

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As Uber gives up Southeast Asia to Grab, what’s the deal for consumers?

For Grab, there will also be no urgency to cut prices and

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Self-driving cars show up the flip side of platform economy

While drivers alike have benefited from such platforms, they will face competition

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Uber-like courier service promises speedy deliveries

It features an authentication technology that replaces the arbitrary signatures traditional couriers

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

Will we lease everything, including a toaster oven, in future?

The idea of owning less, living more is appealing. But what happens

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Uber brings simplified limousine booking to Singapore

Getting hold of limousines in Singapore is about to get a whole

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