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Crowds queue up for Samsung Galaxy S III in Singapore

30 May

There’s a queue for everything in Singapore, and the latest last night was for Samsung’s much-awaited Galaxy S III smartphone, as it went on sale here.

Just weeks ago, thousands got in line for a copy of Diablo. And of course, with every iPhone launch, Apple-crazy Singapore users would wait for hours to be the first to get their hands on the latest.

What’s interesting about this Galaxy S III, however, is that it’s probably the first time such an Android phone has attracted so much attention.

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Motorola Razr makes a comeback as Android phone

19 Oct
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The iconic Razr phone, which once propelled Motorola to number two phone maker but later almost doomed the company because it could not snap out of its success, is back now as an Android phone with the same slim lines and sex appeal.

Shipping in Singapore in early November, it is the thinnest smartphone now with a girth of just 7.1mm thick. Living up to its name, the new Razr revealed yesterday tries once again to win on design – there are unique laser-cut aluminium accents and Kevlar fibre coating, to name two features.

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Here comes the US$199 tablet from Amazon, but is it yet another “iPad killer”?

28 Sep
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After weeks of speculation, Amazon has finally unveiled its new Kindle Fire, a 7-inch tablet that will help sell its e-books and streaming movies and, according to experts, be the toughest rival yet to Apple’s iPad and iPad2 tablets. The main reason: its US$199 price tag.

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Goodu review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

21 Sep

I’d bet the most common question that any Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 owner would have gotten is,“How does it compare with the iPad 2?”.

So having spent more than two weeks with mine (a 16GB Wifi Galaxy Tab 10.1), here’s my take on it.

If you only have half a minute, my quick answer is it’s better than the iPad2 ONLY if you’re a power user, but you’ll be better off with an iPad 2 if simplicity is what you’re looking for.

And if you have a little more time, here’s why.

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Android 2.3.4 update adds GTalk video chat for Nexus S

29 Apr

Google has begun pushing out the Android 2.3.4 update to its Nexus S flagship phone, adding the highly anticipated feature of voice and video calling within GTalk. This puts it in direct competition with the likes of Skype, which also offers a similar service.

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Say hi to the Nexus S, Google’s Gingerbread man

7 Dec

Weeks after rumours of a second Google Nexus phone surfaced on blogs everywhere, the Samsung-made Nexus S has finally been unveiled last night (SGT) by the search giant.

UPDATE: The phone will reach shops in Singapore in late Q1 2011, “subject to successful negotiations with local partners”, says Samsung. It adds that specs will also be slightly different if it makes its way here – the operative word being “if”, so there’s no guarantee it’s coming to here.

The biggest thing here is, of course, the new version of Android, codenamed Gingerbread.

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Mobile World Congress 2010 – battle of the OS

16 Feb

A quick walk through the yearly Mobile World Congress – the biggest mobile phone show around – and you’ll realise you are actually gazing at a crystal ball that shows what people will tote in their hands in the coming months.

Here in Barcelona, as this year’s phone extravaganza kicks off today, the power is clearly with Google’s Android. With Sony Ericsson, Motorola and China’s Huawei showing off world-beating Android phones this week, it’s easy to think 2010 will be the year of the Google phone OS. (HTC has also launched two hot numbers in the Legend and Nexus One-lookalike Desire).

But very clearly, rivals are not going away quietly. Microsoft, Samsung and Nokia all have their sights aimed at the emerging powerhouse OS.

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Google voice search for your phone

6 Nov

Voice search for your phone – sounds good yeah?

I thought so too – so I tried out the latest Google Mobile App‘s voice search feature on my Nokia E71 (which means the S60 flavour of the app).

Google Mobile App - with voice search

The app is basically kinda like a one-stop-shop to quickly link to and search through Google stuff, so you will need a data connection (wifi or cellphone network), and the other mobile apps (Gmail, Google Maps etc) loaded if you want to fire it up from the above home screen.

If you enable its location-based function, it’s supposed to yield more relevant results. But it didn’t seem to do anything for me in terms of returning more relevant search results so I shut that feature off.

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Is this a Hero phone or what?

25 Jun

Hero in white - chio!

Once in a while, a phone can come along and seriously wow you just by its looks.

HTC’s new “hero” phone, aptly called the Hero, is one such gizmo that is just begging to be carried in your hands. Dressed in white and dark brown, this looks at first like a HTC Touch Diamond 2 with Google Android in its DNA. But look closer, and you’d find a few surprises.

Announced yesterday, the 135-gram phone comes with the a generous 3.2-inch screen, 5-meg camera, 7.2Mbps 3.5G downloads and many other goodies.

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S$238 to S$438 for SingTel HTC Dream

20 Feb

The first Google Android phone will go sale in Singapore tomorrow with prices ranging from S$238 to S$448, and will be tied to SingTel’s cellphone plans just like the iPhone here.

These cellphone plans range from S$39 to S$95 a month, and users have to sign up two-year contracts with SingTel.

That was essentially the only new info from a rather lavish SingTel event this afternoon, which finally launched the Google Android phone, known also as the G1, or HTC Dream, here. Users in the US and Europe, of course, already had the phone for several months.

Asked about this, SingTel and HTC both said the delay was because they wanted to bundle in more local apps into the device, which comes with a large touch-screen, speedy 3.5G as well as a nifty slide-out Qwerty keyboard that’s great for surfing the Web and messaging.

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