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IT Show 2013: new and noteworthy deals

8 Mar
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For some people, the unceasing IT bazaars such as this week’s IT Show seem to assault the senses every three months, with their loud discounts and thronging crowds.

Still, some brands treat the event as a launch pad for their new products, and other companies occasionally surprise us with generous gifts and low price points, so they’re worth checking out.

Here are a few new and noteworthy items at this year’s IT Show.

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IT Show 2013: ASUS unveils an all-in-one PC transformer

7 Mar
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ASUS Transformer AiO

It’s a PC. No, it’s a tablet. No, it’s both.

Not content to let Lenovo and Sony steal the show with humongous desk-bound tablets, ASUS has unveiled its own take on the “coffee table computer” – the ASUS Transformer AiO.

True to its transformer moniker, the computer runs both Windows 8 and Android 4.1, and has both an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and an Intel Core processor.

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Ultrabook deals catch the eye at IT Show 2012

10 Mar

If flat-screen TVs, cameras or printers had ruled previous tech bazaars in Singapore, then this year’s IT Show is surely being taken over by an overwhelming range of ultrabooks.

The latest craze among laptop makers to go really slim, yet retaining most of the power of a full-fledged machine while keeping costs relatively low, means that buyers are spoilt for choice when shopping for a PC for both work and play.

We’ve all seen how nice the first wave of ultrabooks from Asus and Lenovo are from last year. The next wave, from Acer’s Aspire Timeline Ultra to HP’s stunning Envy 14 Spectre, brings even more choice.

Here are a few to check out as you make your way through the crowds at the IT Show at Suntec City this weekend.

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Sharp increase in external hard disk prices at IT Show 2012

10 Mar
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It looks like hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers have yet to recover from the damage caused by last year’s monsoon floods in Thailand. Instead of year-on-year prices falling as we’ve come to expect, vendors are asking for higher prices for hard disks at this year’s IT Show.

Whether you’re hunting for Western Digital, Toshiba, or Seagate branded HDDs, prices are generally up across the board.

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Fibre broadband prices slashed at new price war at IT Show

9 Mar

The rapidly heating up broadband wars in Singapore crossed an important mark this week, when the Big Three telcos all dropped prices for the benchmark 100Mbps service under S$50 a month.

SingTel, StarHub and M1 began a new phase of competition at the IT Show running at Suntec City, hoping to lock in as many subscribers as possible as the country’s next-gen fibre network nears completion in June this year.

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IT Show 2011 deals: thin and light 13-inch laptops

13 Mar

Shopping for a professional thin and light laptop in Singapore? There are a few deals worth checking out at the IT Show bazaar happening now at Suntec City.

Most interesting are a number of new models sporting Intel’s new energy-efficient and faster Sandybridge technology unveiled in the past couple of months. Also worth checking out are slightly older Core i5 and Core i7 models that are now going at attractive prices to make way for the newer designs.

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IT Show 2010: new Core i3 and i5 laptops rule

14 Mar

More flat-screen TVs, portable hard disks, printers and laptops were what I expected when I joined the mass of humanity that had congregated at the IT Show at Suntec Singapore yesterday.

Arriving just before noon, I could still find many lots in the carpark. And there weren’t so many people carting away large-screen TVs and printers on trolleys. Is it because everyone already has two TVs and three printers at home, thanks to spending crazily at previous shows?

My tiredness of the bargain-hunting, however, soon disappeared when I saw how cheap these new Intel Core i3 and i5-based laptops were going for.

I’m talking about prices from S$999 for an entry-level Dell Inspiron with a 14-inch screen. Cute with bright colours like cherry red and ice blue, it comes with enough horsepower from the dual-core processor to crunch everyday work. It helps too that Windows 7 now doesn’t suck up as much resources as Windows Vista previously.

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Great offers at IT Show ’09 (Part III)

13 Mar
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Are we in the worst recession since the 1930s? Doesn’t seem like it when you see the long lines of people waiting to sign up for a StarHub line or those snapping up LCD TVs like there was no tomorrow at the IT Show.

When I turned up at around noon, the Suntec area was was already a nightmare to drive around. Was going to give up after being stuck in my car, when I finally managed to enter Marina Square from the back (near Ritz Carlton), and guess what, there were dozens of empty carpark lots. Amazing how the security folks just happily block off all the carparks in the area and list them as “full”.

Anyway, I walked around and found some bargains – not downright dirt cheap, but somewhat tempting, especially if you are in the market for some of these gadgets.

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Great offers at IT Show ’09 (Part II)

12 Mar
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Do check out Part I if you haven’t done so!

At every computer show I always check out memory card prices just to see how much they have fallen. Here’s what I spotted at the Kingston booth at Hall 6.

For a comparison, look at some of the memory card prices from last November’s Sitex.

Prices of memory cards, especially the 8GB and 16GB varieties, have fallen. The 8GB micro SD has dropped from around $32 to $25 and the 16GB micro SD from $112 to $84.

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Great offers at IT Show ’09 (Part I)

12 Mar

It’s that time of the year again when the biggest consumer computer show — IT Show ’09 — hits Singapore.

Running from March 12th to 15th (today to this Sunday), the IT Show takes up floors one to six of the Suntec convention centre. The show opens daily at 12pm and ends at 9pm during this four-day period.

IT Show is really huge this year. All three Singapore telcos have big booths. M1 and SingTel are on floor 2, and StarHub is on floor 3. Floor 4 is the main hall with all the big consumer brands like HP, Canon and Samsung, whilst floor 6 hosts all the small chapalang IT gadgets vendors, from computer games to memory cards to GPS gadgets.

It might be a down economy, but it sure didn’t seem like it as the place was thronged with people this morning when I went. In certain places — especially on the fourth floor near the popular booths — you will get stuck in a human traffic jam trying to squeeze past the milling crowd. This weekend will be a nightmare to find parking if you’re visiting the show, so public transport is advised.

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