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Get the best Mac-friendly monitors for colour-perfect design work

BenQ's PD series of Mac-friendly monitors come with colour accuracy, easy connectivity

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Time to upgrade to a 4K gaming monitor for an immersive experience

Today's 4K gaming monitors like the BenQ Mobiuz EX480UZ make games more

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Goondu review: Sony Xperia 1 III

Sony's Xperia 1 III sports a premium design, headphone jack and excellent

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A large 4K monitor for gaming… that doesn’t break the bank

A 4K monitor with game-enhancing features like AMD Radeon Freesync won't cost

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CES 2019: Samsung, LG tout 8K, AI and virtual assistants in new TVs

Years after they first talked up 8K TVs, Samsung and LG are

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Five things to look for in a 4K TV before buying

The key to buying a great TV is seeing it as you

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LG W7 leads new OLED TV lineup in Singapore as prices get more attractive

Even if you cant afford the top-end LG W7 OLED TV, the

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Sony set to bring new Bravia A1 OLED TVs to Singapore

The new Bravia A1 TV is the first from the Japanese electronics

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LG’s 4K OLED TVs coming to Singapore this month

It brings the high contrast offered by OLED technology along with 4K

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Life’s good when you have a S$7,500 LG OLED TV

They are not cheap, but they are ultra thin and show off

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Two new Sony X series 4K TVs to ship in July in Singapore

Sony is bringing a couple of new 4K TV models to Singapore

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The TV is changing again with 4K and OLED screens

OLED and 4K TVs are set to be the buzzwords in electronics

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