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Tata: Indonesia most active Asian nation on Twitter this World Cup

2 Jul
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TCS SocialSoccer - Group Stage infographic - Low res

Indonesian users posted nearly 10 per cent of all World Cup-related tweets globally, behind the United States and United Kingdom but ahead of football giants Brazil, Spain, Argentina and France.

This and other interesting nuggets of data collected on Twitter in the past two weeks were released this Monday by Tata Consultancy Services, which has been tracking the sentiment of football fans on the social media network.

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Starcount brings entertainment charts to social media

11 Jun
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Klout is but one way to measure a person’s influence in cyberspace, and a new player is looking to fire up the game with an emphasis on the popularity of entertainment personalities.

Singapore-based Starcount, as its name suggests, collects data from 11 major social networks in the world, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Sina Weibo, and measures how popular your favourite movie star or popular figure is on social media.

The result: chart after chart of the world’s most popular people, which the user can sort according to territory and category. In Singapore, for example, JJ Lin was the most popular in “social media” at an unveiling event a fortnight ago and the Workers’ Party the most popular in “politics”. Those at the top might not stay there for long, though — the charts are updated daily.

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Singapore is the world’s most Facebooked nation, says Hitwise

18 Feb

Singapore is the most facebooked nation in the world.

So says web analytics company Experian Hitwise, who samples global web traffic data for marketing insights.

In a recently released 2011 report by them that detailed Singaporean’s social habits, it was found that Singaporeans spend a heck of a lot of time on Facebook. According to them, we are the top Facebook users in the world in terms of time spent per session.

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Made-in-Singapore app takes aim at Twitter

19 Nov
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Twitter may already possess a large portion of the pie serving up bite-sized pieces of information, but a bunch of developers based in Singapore is taking square aim at the micro-blogging service with a location-based twist.

Like Twitter, the app lets users feature – or feecha – an event or an object that’s close to him/her, which friends of that user can discover. Unlike Twitter, however, these feechas are all visualised on a map, and are colour-coded based on popularity.

It is currently possible to add your location to a tweet, but Twitter treats that as a secondary and optional feature. Feecha seeks to highlight that very feature and make it central to the app’s experience.

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Salesforce.com gets more social

1 Sep
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Salesforce.com is deepening the social connections that underpin its suite of cloud computing products.

Starting this October, its customer relationship management (CRM) customers will be able to see social profiles of customers with data mined from social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Chatter, Salesforce’s enterprise social networking tool available for almost two years now, will also support instant messaging for the first time.

This means Chatter users will soon be able to chat with fellow workers, share screens, collaborate with partners and approve requests directly from their Chatter feeds.

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Twestival Singapore 2011: Using social media for good

1 Apr
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All hail the Twitter bird!

Social media has the power to change the world. It allows people with the same shared beliefs to come together and marshal grassroot support for causes.

It could be used to organize protests, campaign for beliefs, or even used to promote giving back to community.

One such great example of the latter is Twestival, a global phenomenon that started two years earlier in 2009. Twestival is an event in which people organize organic grassroot fundraisers using twitter to give to charities all over the world in a single day.

For 2011, that day was last week on March 24th. In Singapore, volunteers here picked CARE, a charitable agency which aims to help youths at risk, as the beneficiary.

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How to: keep track of Japan earthquake online

11 Mar
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A series of massive earthquakes hit Japan at 5.45 GMT today, causing widespread devastation in the form of landslides, floods and even a 4-metre high tsunami. If you have family and friends in Japan, and want to keep track of everything that is happening, here are a few ways to do so:

Google’s Person Finder
The search giant launched “Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake” shortly after the earthquake hit. The Web-based app allows you to look for a person by searching his name, and, should there not be a result, let you create a new record for a missing person. The service is available in both Japanese and English, and should be very handy for those trying to locate a loved one.

Live blogs
Many news outlets are live-blogging the catastrophe on the fly, including BBC News, Reuters, and The Guardian. Accompanying the live blogs are interactive maps, videos, and pictures. You can also contribute by submitting information on the unfolding disaster.

Arabic news network Al-Jazeera is providing live coverage over on their channel.

Twitter is an excellent place to hear what people on the ground are saying. Virtually all trending topics right now are about the disaster, including #prayforjapan and #tsunami. Searching for “Japan earthquake” on Twitter also yielded numerous results.

If you have any other ways of tracking the earthquake, do share them in the comments below. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by the disaster.

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Singaporeans’ reaction on social media to recent gang assaults

11 Nov

As an ex-PR ex-journalist who has made a living telling stories for the better part of my working life, social media has opened my eyes to new ways of telling stories.

It is such a powerful force for collecting and aggregating data. Rather than taking the news from one source, you get to hear from a sea of sources.

For example, I was just monitoring the twitter social media reaction to the recent 369 gang violence in Singapore, where seven people were slashed in Bukit Panjang and sent to the hospital two days ago. Just barely a week and half before that another teen was murdered by the same gang at Pasir Ris.

If I were to describe the tonality of the 300-odd posts on twitter since yesterday, I would say they were mostly angry, tinged with a little fear.

There are three general themes that emerged:

Are we safe in Singapore?

The first reaction is about safety. There is a significant amount of posts lamenting about Singapore’s safety and checking up on friends and family, esp. in the Bukit Panjang area. On Twitter alone there are more than 70 of such posts.

Wth why now so many slashings in sg . Read abt the bukit panjang one. 7 ppl slashed by 369. Siao Liao la everyone please be careful .

Slashing case at bukit panjang now. Wtff, singapore is getting unsafee! Really unsafeeeeee.

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Tweet Tuesdays: yet another social media get-together

6 Apr


We have Social Media Breakfast (SMB), Mobile Mondays and Web Wednesdays.

We have groups like The Digital Movement (TDM) and e27 running all kinds of events from Barcamps to Blogouts to Unconferences, with much of the content revolving around social media and start-ups.

Do we really need another social media get-together platform in Singapore?

The folks behind 24seven — bloggers Claudia Lim and Kelvin Lim — think so. And thus Tweet Tuesdays was born.

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A radio for Twitter feeds

8 Mar
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A student from the Queen’s University Belfast in the UK has come up with a radio that “tunes in” to Twitter feeds and broadcasts them in audio in real time. A microcontroller and custom software (presumably text-to-speech) was used in what could possibly be one of the most creative hacks of the good old radio!

Check out the video of the TwitterRadio here.

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