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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 review: Excellent audio on the go, at a cost

Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless 3 offer great audio quality rivalled by few

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Sennheiser IE 600 review: Cheaper than the flagship and still top-notch audio quality

The Sennheiser IE 600 are excellent earphones that will please all but

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Goondu review: Sennheiser IE 900 earphones cost the sky but sound uncommonly good

The Sennheiser IE 900 earphones are rare audio gear that showcase the

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Goondu review: Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones are big on bass

Whether you like Klipsch's sound signature, what you can't deny is that

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: What to buy a music lover?

From music players to speakers, there's something to improve the audio quality

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Four smartphones to play your high-res music on

Instead of getting away with thin-sounding dross like before, even the likes

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: What to buy for a music lover?

This holiday season, make sure you give a gift of music to

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Goondu review: Bluesound Node 2

With the footprint of a set-top box, the Node 2 music streamer

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

Bluesound ups the ante with Gen 2 music streamers

The new Bluesound media streamers now feature touch controls, a much slimmer

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

Why the vinyl record is still relevant in the 21st century

Just like it is in fashion circles, certain technology trends never entirely

Loke Hon Chyte Loke Hon Chyte

Sennheiser’s S$1,139 IE800 earphones out in Singapore

Short of really expensive custom-made earphones that musicians use on stage, you'd

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Sennheiser’s HD700 high-end cans reach Singapore, will cost S$1,399

They hope to hit the sweet spot - between the HD800 and

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