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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: What to buy for a music lover?

This holiday season, make sure you give a gift of music to

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Goondu review: Klipsch R6i earphones

The focus on low notes was a decision Klipsch made in engineering

Desmond Koh Desmond Koh

Hands on: Fiio X3

For its price, it is a bargain in a market saturated with

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Listen to new music with adaptive lossless streaming

Music lovers can now check out new artistes with downloadable mobile music

Alfred Siew Alfred Siew

Streaming music service launches in Singapore

New streaming service launches in Singapore, but fails to impress on

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

Notes from unConference 2009

Techgoondu had the chance to be at unConference 2009 held yesterday at

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

World Builder goes viral

Machinima. Virtual worlds. Next generation human computer interfaces. Bruce Branit's nine minute

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic comes with free music

Gin already wrote a post on Nokia's "Comes with Music" launch in

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

How to convert YouTube music to mp3

A friend asked me about this, so I thought it's good to

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

Five free music sites on the web

I'll stick my neck out and make a prediction: in the future

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

Best selling Amazon 2008 album is free

Giving away your content free doesn't mean you can't make a living

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong

A Techgoondu Christmas gift guide

What's a geek to do before Christmas? Buy a Techgoondu-approved gift to

Boon Kiat Boon Kiat

Mario Kart Love Song

"The finish line is just around the bend I'll pause this game

Chan Chi-Loong Chan Chi-Loong