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Gartner: mobile phone sales slow, but Samsung and Android stride forward

14 Feb
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Galaxy S III and SII

If there’s still any doubt that the two big phone makers – Apple and Samsung – are the ones making most of the money, the latest figures now show that they together gobbled up 52 per cent of global smartphone sales in the last three months of 2012, up from 46.4 per cent three months before.

Research firm Gartner also said earlier today that more than 207 .7 million smartphones were sold in Q4 2012, up 38.3 per cent from 12 months ago. This, unfortunately, did not lift the overall mobile phone market.

Including sales of so-called “feature phones”, there were fewer phones sold in the entire 2012, compared to a year ago. The 1.75 billion phones sold represented a 1.7 per cent fall from 2011, the first decline in three years.

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Turn your photos into real postcards with SingPost’s new app

2 Aug

Singapore Post has come up with a new app that turns the photos in your Android or iOS smartphone into a physical postcard that can be mailed automatically to anywhere in the world.

Called Post-a-Card, its functionality is pretty basic. You either pick a photo from your camera roll or take a new one, slap on a template, add text, add your message and recipients, pay up, and SingPost will print and send the card for you automatically.

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What next for the PC with Windows 8?

23 Jul
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After months of letting users try it out, Microsoft said on Wednesday that its latest, most ambitious Windows operating system in years will ship on October 26.

The touch-based features have been well covered. But they are perhaps just the tip of the ice berg for upcoming changes in the way PCs will be used in the years ahead.

The other part of the equation is the hardware, and that’s evolving by the month as new laptops, tablets and hybrid devices come out sporting Intel’s new ultra-thin designs.

No one knows for sure how things will pan out. But here are three possible scenarios, based on what we’ve seen so far.

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Share and record your foodie moments with Burpple

23 May
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Quick, log in to Facebook now and take a look at the first ten photos shared by your friends. Chances are there will be at least one photo of food. On my own news feed, a picture of delicious cupcakes popped up less than five photos down.

It’s no secret that we love to share what we’re eating. A lot of us even post photos of delectable morsels that we would like to get our hands on in the near future.

But in this age of smartphones and digital assistants, have you ever wondered if the process of sharing foodie photos can be smarter?

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Listen to new music with adaptive lossless streaming

16 Apr


Music lovers can now check out new artistes with downloadable mobile music albums that stream the music to them smoothly by adapting the quality to either online or offline use.

Called Orastream, the technology was first tested by Techgoondu back in December 2011. It will play back at a lossless CD-like quality if a track is streamed, say, over Wi-Fi at home, but it will switch to a less demanding compressed quality if the user decides to stream the tracks over a cellphone network while on the move, for example.

Three artistes, including award-winning composer pianist Tze from Singapore, have now signed on to release their music on these mobile albums, which come in the form of downloadable iOS apps. The Singapore firm behind the technology, MP4SLS, calls these albums or apps digital catalog LPs (DLPs), in a tribute to the old record format.

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Popular Instagram camera app now on Android

4 Apr
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Always wondered how your iPhone-toting friends shot such nice pictures on their phones? Well, that Instagram camera app that lets them create, transform and share photos with friends is now coming to Android phones for free.

The company just said on its blog that it is releasing a version for Android users, after some 30 million iOS users have uploaded more than a billion photos since October 2010.

The move means yet another top iOS app is going on the Android bandwagon, following in the footsteps of the likes of the previously iOS-only Tweetdeck, for example.

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Saleforce boosts cloud platform with new tools

2 Sep
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Salesforce has unveiled a slew of new tools and services to lure developers to its cloud-based platform.

Leading the pack is Database.com, a cloud database that can power apps built for Android and iOS-based devices. These apps can be hosted on Salesforce’s own Force.com or other cloud-based platforms including Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.

Database.com can also be used to run social media applications using a social data model that holds and manages data for social feeds, user profiles and status updates. Developers can specify followers for database records or request data feeds to display real-time data updates through social APIs.

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Goondu review: this week’s best apps

26 Aug

Starting this week, we’ll be featuring quick and dirty reviews of must-have smartphone apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 devices.

In our first weekly round-up: a Rock Band-style Glee app for the iPhone, Summon Auntie to help you look out for carpark attendants and more!

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Microsoft sends Windows “Mango” to phone makers, hopes to crawl back market share

27 Jul
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Microsoft has sent its next iteration of the Windows Phone software to handset makers, as it wraps up the operating system’s features and software code ahead of a launch in Fall 2011.

The so-called Mango update, unveiled two months ago, promises a number of fixes and updates to the original Windows Phone, which looked great when launched late last year but had an uphill struggle taking on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS devices.

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Mozilla jumps into mobile OS fray with “Boot to Gecko”

27 Jul
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If you thought having to choose between iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 was enough of a headache, we’ve got news for you. Mozilla, makers of the popular Firefox Web browser, has launched a new project called “Boot to Gecko”, or B2G, to “pursue the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web”.

The end product will be an operating system that boots directly into the Web, like what Google’s Chrome OS is doing, only for your phone. A core component of the OS will be drawn from Android, to allow hardware to work easily. Mozilla plans on publishing the source code as it’s developed.

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