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CommunicAsia 2014: time for telcos, industry players to unlock the content

19 Jun
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If content is king, then telecom operators are queen. Or maybe the audience is queen.

To a panel of broadcast and telecom executives yesterday at CommunicAsia, the analogy seemed funny enough to be worth re-spinning so many ways.

Yet, in a world where they themselves are no longer the king of the hill, each of them will be smart to realise the future will be shaped by smaller, nimbler and more innovative over-the-top (OTT) players such as Netflix.

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StarHub viewers can watch TVB dramas as they’re shown in Hong Kong

30 May


Now, this is what pay-TV operators should do more of.

On a new cable TV channel unveiled today, StarHub will soon be showing Cantonese TVB drama serials at exactly the same time as they are shown in Hong Kong.

Starting June 2, this TVB First channel, on StarHub Channel 860, will bring some of the most popular programmes to viewers here on both live broadcast and video-on-demand.

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Singapore telcos told: no 4G add-on fee for users on contract

24 Apr
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While Singapore’s smartphone users celebrate a rare consumer victory today, they should not be so quick to think that the temporary reversal of a 4G price hike will lead to free add-ons like caller ID in future.

Goodwill was probably topmost on the minds of StarHub executives yesterday, when they decided not to charge an additional S$2 for existing 4G customers still on contract.

This doesn’t mean it is no longer charging that additional fee. It just won’t do so, for now, for those customers who have said they did not know that 4G would be priced separately when they signed up.

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Commentary: StarHub starts charging for 4G

17 Apr
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Much of the unhappiness with StarHub charging for 4G services has nothing to do with the seemingly small S$2 hike, but the surprise that it brought to customers.

They never expected to pay more for the faster speeds promised over existing 3G services. Like free incoming calls, the new service was not expected to cost extra, despite StarHub quite clearly stating that possibility in its terms when people sign up.

It’s not that consumers are daft, for not reading the fine print. They just don’t expect the cellphone market to be less competitive over time. 

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Commentary: SingTel not making money from World Cup? That’s good news

16 Apr
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So, SingTel may not make any money after all for bringing the World Cup to TV screens in Singapore.

Don’t expect any football fan here to shed a tear for the pay-TV operator though, despite Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Lawrence Wong’s disclosure in Parliament on Monday.

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Will StarHub’s new set-top box matter with streaming video?

11 Apr
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Samsung HD Interactive set-top box

Okay, the answer is yes, for now. Clearly, with half a million households on cable TV in Singapore, StarHub’s newfangled set-top box unveiled yesterday will still matter to some couch potatoes in Singapore.

Made by Samsung, it is the first of three to be launched and which promises an experience that is four times faster. So now, you don’t have to wait that long for the annoying menu to pop up. The interface is also less cluttered and makes you feel you are controlling a smart device, like a WD Live streaming box.

Yet, therein lies the difference. The set-top box, like it or not, is still based on old cable TV technology. There will always be a slight lag between menus, because it still needs to pull stuff down over the cable network, one made for broadcast not interactivity.

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World Cup 2014 to come to both SingTel and StarHub screens

12 Mar


You’ll be able to watch the World Cup in Singapore on either SingTel or StarHub, when the biggest sporting event kicks off in June. However, you’d have to pay more than S$100, unless you sign up for a contract with a pay-TV operator.

SingTel today said it had won exclusive TV rights to the live matches. Thanks to Singapore’s cross carriage rules, it will have to show the matches on StarHub set-top boxes as well.

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M1 fined for poor mobile coverage, SingTel and StarHub pass tests

24 Jan
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Nationwide 3G coverage - Q2 2013

M1 has been given a S$25,000 fine for once again failing to provide adequate cellphone coverage in Singapore, while rivals SingTel and StarHub passed the tests conducted by the government regulator in the second and third quarter last year.

In the second quarter, the smallest operator here reached about 98 per cent of places such as housing estates, outdoor recreation centres and train routes above ground, which made it the poorest performer among the three operators. It also failed to reach the 99 per cent required.

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StarHub makes first VoLTE call, promises better voice quality

4 Dec
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StarHub will roll out Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) services next year with the promise of clearer calls, after making the first such call today on its live 4G network in Singapore.

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So, are Singapore’s telecom networks resilient?

26 Oct

singtel recovery
(source: SingTel)

The answer to that question should be pretty straightforward for users.

Whether you are surfing at home or sending e-mails from the office, the network is expected to be up all the time. When it’s down, it has to be fixed fast, so things resume with minimum fuss.

That’s the crux of the issue when you talk about how resilient a network is.

Yet, it seems completely lost on Singapore’s industry players as they angrily point fingers at one another this week, after the widespread disruption caused by a fire at a SingTel exchange. 

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