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An IoT nightmare: old devices feeding outdated data to new AI

An Internet of Forgotten Things could generate outdated or inaccurate data that

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HP Inc opens advanced manufacturing centre in Singapore, the idea of a production engineer

A product engineer's idea of using data analytics spurred the opening of

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With live match data, sports journalists now get real-time insights at tennis matches

The SAP Tennis Analytics portal will provide data and insights to the

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Improving lives through Hitachi Social Innovation

Hitachi is bringing its expertise in operational technology and combining advanced information

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HPE builds computer for Big Data era

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise unveiled on May 16 a new type of computer, called

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Decisions made with data still require sound judgement

For many people seeking absolutism in the ongoing data revolution, the Trump

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Cloudera leads industry programme to groom Big Data professionals in Singapore

The so-called Big Analytics Skills Enablement (BASE) programme will help fill the

Desmond Koh Desmond Koh

It’s still early days for big data

The lack of industry-specific applications and integration issues with Hadoop will continue

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Vizable puts analytics at your fingertips

iPad app developed by data analytics specialist Tableau makes it easy for

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As more data is created, meaningful intelligence becomes elusive

Finding a needle in a haystack is a thankless endeavour. The more

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Getting the most out of your data

Choosing the right metrics and blending data from various sources are just

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Q&A: Democratising business intelligence

Birst's chairman, founder and chief product officer Brad Peters tells us more

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Singapore looks to Big Data, immersive media with infocomm media masterplan

Who knows how things will pan out in the next five years,

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Getting the most out of your data analytics tools

Strong management support and a data-driven culture are keys to unlocking the

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Plugging the big data skills gap

Despite the promises of big data, many countries including Singapore do not

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Q&A: Is big data too big for SMEs?

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which may generate just as much

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Commentary: Singapore to consider pitfalls of data sharing in smart nation push

The Singapore government will do well to consider how citizens will react

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IT chiefs: The cloud is no longer new and disruptive

IT head honchos in the Asia-Pacific region no longer see cloud computing

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New data discovery service opens access to private data

Businesses and software developers can now tap on a new data discovery

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SAP to open Singapore innovation centre, shows off Google Glass app

More doctors could be using Google Glass to examine a patient's vital

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