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Digital twins and non-terrestrial networks: Applications from NASA to Ukraine

Non-terrestrial networks and digital twins are key as the space industry experiences

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Spending on IoT in Asia-Pacific to grow to US$291.7 billion in 2018: IDC

Organisations in Asia-Pacific will be spending as much as US$291.7 billion on

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Improving lives through Hitachi Social Innovation

Hitachi is bringing its expertise in operational technology and combining advanced information

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M1 launches first commercial nationwide IoT network in SE Asia

M1 has launched a nationwide network that will connect up smart sensors

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Singtel offers home automation with new SmartHome service

Singtel SmartHome promises to watch users' homes for intruders, while helping them

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Q&A: Internet of Insecure Things? Think security as the logical first step, says Sophos

IoT security should be treated as a first-class problem that has to

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M1 to roll out IoT network, deploys HetNet at busy sites

M1 is set to scale up its wireless coverage in Singapore in

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Gartner: Worldwide IoT spending to grow to US$348 million in 2016

Organisations worldwide will spend some US$348 million on Internet of Things setups

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Revolv smart home hubs to be bricked

Google had bought Revolv in 2014, and now will stop supporting the

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Public trials of self-driving minibuses expected at one-north within two years

Self-driving, on-demand minibuses may be expected to start plying routes at the

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Q&A: Smart homes are not just about fancy gadgets, says Lutron

It has been developing automated lights, sensor-based dimming and remote controlled window

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No go for smart homes without good wireless links

Even as millions of devices are set up to connect from smart

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How a smart home can improve care for the elderly in Singapore

As Singapore's population greys in the years ahead, smart home technologies could

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Will it be a messy Internet of Things with no standards?

The Internet of Things is not as simple to sell as PCs.

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A connected world to revolutionise lifestyles, enterprises, cities

Brought to you by CommunicAsia2015 At home, in the office and on

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Gartner: Over 500 smart devices per home by 2022

As it becomes cheaper to fit sensors to consumer products, the number of

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Experts: regulation needed to secure Internet of Things

In a rush to deploy more wearable devices and sensors, manufacturers are

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Will rapid push for Internet of Things push aside security concerns?

In making previously dumb devices smart, we are also exposing them to

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Intel talks up “building blocks” for Internet of Things as privacy concerns deepen

Intel is pitching its processors and software stacks as easy-to-use "building blocks"

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Will we lease everything, including a toaster oven, in future?

The idea of owning less, living more is appealing. But what happens

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