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Grace Chng

A seasoned writer, author and industry observer, Grace was the key tech writer for The Straits Times for more than three decades. She co-founded and edited Computer Times, later renamed Digital Life. She helmed this publication, the de facto national IT magazine, for nearly 19 years. Grace is also the editor and co-curator of Intelligent Island: The Untold Story of Singapore’s Tech Journey, a book highlighting Singapore’s ICT development.
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How Pizza Hut boosted sales in Hong Kong with digital marketing savvy

Digital marketing has let Pizza Hut focus on the customer, raise revenue…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Salesforce rolls out intelligence into its products at Dreamforce 2016

Einstein was introduced in September and details of its release were given…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Legacy IT systems holding back digital transformation

Major companies want to embrace digital technologies but are held back by…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Telstra starts 5G trials with Ericsson in Australia

Australian telecom operator Telstra has started 5G field tests in anticipation of…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

For Apple fans, time to upgrade the Watch, even before the iPhone 7

The Watch offers big improvements and may be a more straightforward upgrade…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Highly anticipated iPhone 7 primed for centre stage at Apple event

Expect a souped up iPhone 7 at a special Apple event coming…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Frontier Digital Ventures listed on Australian Stock Exchange

Entrepreneur Patrick Grove has listed a new startup called Frontier Digital Ventures…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

Ride the wave with digital disruption, CIOs advise

Instead of fighting it, companies can find ways to embrace the opportunities…

Grace Chng Grace Chng

In Japan, robots come with lifetime warranty even as engineers age

Few companies in the world give lifetime warranty for their products. Fanuc,…

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