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Commentary: IDA’s smart nation vision needs buy-in

17 Jun
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IDA AG box
An IDA AG box providing power and connectivity to nearby sensors

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) today talked up a grand vision to turn Singapore into a “smart nation”, one where sensors everywhere could pick up traffic congestion, predict how long taxis will take to come and even detect pollution in the air.

It’s not a new idea. Indeed, many government agencies have already been adding “smarts” to their existing hardware, like cameras, over the past few years. Yet, IDA’s effort is laudable in many ways.

It wants to centralise the effort and get both public and private organisations to share the infrastructure and connect to a common interface. This can jumpstart many new services.

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Commentary: SingPass security issues highlight need for two-factor authentication

5 Jun
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singpass screenshot

Yet another high-profile security problem has hit e-government services in Singapore, just months after several of the country’s websites were vandalised by hackers.

This time, more than 1,500 SingPass online accounts used to check retirement account balances and file taxes could have been accessed without users’ consent.

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Can a new cellphone operator boost competition in Singapore?

3 May
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Ask any Singapore cellphone user if he is happy these days and chances are you will hear a litany of complaints. From frequent network outages to higher 4G prices, users here have had to contend with a frustrating experience when they peer into their little screens of late.

Thus when news broke last week of a government push for new players to enter the Singapore market, many consumers could be forgiven for hoping for a change.

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Singapore telcos told: no 4G add-on fee for users on contract

24 Apr
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While Singapore’s smartphone users celebrate a rare consumer victory today, they should not be so quick to think that the temporary reversal of a 4G price hike will lead to free add-ons like caller ID in future.

Goodwill was probably topmost on the minds of StarHub executives yesterday, when they decided not to charge an additional S$2 for existing 4G customers still on contract.

This doesn’t mean it is no longer charging that additional fee. It just won’t do so, for now, for those customers who have said they did not know that 4G would be priced separately when they signed up.

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IDA looks to mobile virtual network operators to spur competition in Singapore

22 Apr
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The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) is looking to bring some much-needed competition to the Singapore mobile market by turning to new mobile operators that “ride” on existing infrastructure in the years ahead.

Such mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) do not own any spectrum or network equipment, instead leasing them from incumbent operators to sell repackaged services to consumers.

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Commentary: StarHub starts charging for 4G

17 Apr
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Much of the unhappiness with StarHub charging for 4G services has nothing to do with the seemingly small S$2 hike, but the surprise that it brought to customers.

They never expected to pay more for the faster speeds promised over existing 3G services. Like free incoming calls, the new service was not expected to cost extra, despite StarHub quite clearly stating that possibility in its terms when people sign up.

It’s not that consumers are daft, for not reading the fine print. They just don’t expect the cellphone market to be less competitive over time. 

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SingTel: no plans to charge consumers separately for WhatsApp

28 Feb
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singtel facebook

SingTel has clarified that it has no plans to charge consumers separately for using the WhatsApp service, as well as for other so-called over-the-top services that make use of the Internet connection it offers.

In several posts on Facebook yesterday evening, the telecom operator explained that a separate WhatsApp plan, announced last year, was aimed at those who want to have unlimited WhatsApp messages at a fixed cost. 

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M1 fined for poor mobile coverage, SingTel and StarHub pass tests

24 Jan
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Nationwide 3G coverage - Q2 2013

M1 has been given a S$25,000 fine for once again failing to provide adequate cellphone coverage in Singapore, while rivals SingTel and StarHub passed the tests conducted by the government regulator in the second and third quarter last year.

In the second quarter, the smallest operator here reached about 98 per cent of places such as housing estates, outdoor recreation centres and train routes above ground, which made it the poorest performer among the three operators. It also failed to reach the 99 per cent required.

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Five ways technology and media can improve in 2014

31 Dec
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2014 road ahead

There are so many ways to look back at some of the technology and media news headlines in 2013, but perhaps the most practical one is to see how things can improve in the new year.

From the controversial last-minute changes to Singapore’s do-not-call list to the high-profile outages to the country’s telecom networks, 2013 has had its share of reminders that technology should improve things, not make life harder for its users.

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Commentary: Singapore’s do-not-call list disappoints with last-minute changes

26 Dec


Just days before landmark privacy regulations are to come into effect in Singapore, the government regulator has suddenly changed its mind and decided it’s okay for companies to continue sending users telemarketing messages as long as they have an “ongoing relationship” with the companies.

Despite already saying no to such messages, phone users will still receive SMSes or faxes, say, to sign up for related services even after January 2, 2014, the day a do-not-call list comes into effect.

Simply put, the say-no-to-spam list that you have signed up this past month is not enough to keep annoying phone spammers away. You still have to unsubscribe individually to each company – just like before the long-deliberated privacy law had been drawn up.

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