Half of Singapore to have full-fledged 5G coverage by 2022, in “pragmatic” approach

These are early days for 5G in Singapore, with many problems to

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Early 5G users getting faster download speeds in the real world: Opensignal study

The first 5G networks launched in South Korea are giving users faster

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5G has to offer more than high speeds in Singapore: IMDA

5G has go beyond being a speed boost to be a "public

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Finally, SingPost gets fined, forced to hire more postmen to improve service

SingPost's blase attitude towards the numerous complaints over the years about its

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New push by IMDA to get Singapore businesses to get on cloud, go digital

The latest push from the IMDA to get Singapore's businesses ready is

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StarHub to stop cable rollout to new buildings

StarHub will stop connecting its cable network to new homes and offices

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In Singapore, a cyber security startup hub will produce new ideas, talents

The news that Singapore is opening an incubation hub to help grow

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SMEs should embrace cloud to compete and stay secure: IMDA

While MNCs in Singapore have clearly adopted cloud technology, SMEs still lag

Techgoondu Techgoondu

Singapore telcos and banks make it easier for SMEs to go digital

IMDA will work with the Singtel, M1 and StarHub to identify digital

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Singapore SMEs spend S$2.4m on pre-approved solutions aimed at boosting technology takeup

More than 100 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore have taken

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Frequency fees waived for telcos testing out 5G services in Singapore

Telecom operators testing out new 5G services in Singapore will have frequency

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Q&A: Constant need to adapt skills even as digitalisation brings jobs to infocomm sector

Infocomm technology (ICT) talent will be in demand with the digitalisation of

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StarHub outage not due to DDoS attack after all, say regulators

A StarHub outage in October last year was not caused by a

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TPG wins costly race to be Singapore’s fourth telco with huge S$105m bid

It did so by paying a heavy price, spending a grand S$105

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NetLink Trust fined yet again for not activating fibre broadband services quickly enough

NetLink Trust is staring at a hefty fine of S$500,000 after failing

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Cyber attacks on StarHub reveal difficulties in defending critical infrastructure

The cyber attacks on StarHub were sophisticated and well-planned, with a clear

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Commentary: About time IDA and MDA merged

With the long overdue merger, the hope is that the new regulators

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