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Roomba robot vacuums leaking images of homes are reminder not to connect up every smart device

News of iRobot Roomba vacuums leaking images of homes should remind home

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Want to connect up cameras, sensors at home? Time to consider Power over Ethernet

More homes should run Power over Ethernet (PoE), which uses a single

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NUS engineers turn Wi-Fi signals into electricity to power an LED light

NUS researchers say they can turn Wi-Fi signals into a source of

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Streaming Netflix or YouTube on your 4K TV? Check your Wi-Fi link

You might think you're watching your favourite Netflix or YouTube shows in

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Unleash innovation in IoT applications – Exploring top five challenges through the 5Cs of IoT

Brought to you by Keysight Technologies By Sook Hua Wong IoT deployment

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DIY: Fixing the lousy Wi-Fi at home while working remotely

If you are stuck at home with lousy Wi-Fi that disrupts your

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In Singapore, cyber security labels on Wi-Fi routers, smart devices to inform consumers

Like labels that show how energy-efficient a refrigerator is, these new cyber

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Linksys Wi-Fi gear can soon monitor your breathing, or if you fall at home

Using Wi-Fi signals in your home, Linksys Wellness Pods can detect a

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Goondu DIY: Managing the smart devices in a smart home

Adding a smart lightbulb or doorbell to your smart home? That may

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IoT complexity may affect rollout and adoption of smart sensors, devices: Ruckus Networks

The sheer number of smart devices that are coming online is making

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Goondu DIY: Setting up the best mesh network at home

Unlike the past, where you are simply boosting your Wi-Fi signal in

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Goondu review: Google Wifi is easy and fast to set up

Easy to use, good looking and fuss-free, Google Wifi is the best

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Google Wifi comes to Singapore, but only for StarHub subscribers

Google Wifi, the much-hyped mesh networking kit developed by the online giant,

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Goondu review: Linksys Velop shows promise and pain of mesh Wi-Fi at home

Though it shows the promise of mesh Wi-Fi at home, the Linksys

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Hands on: GlocalMe U2 mobile Wi-Fi makes roaming easy

The main selling point is the "cloud SIM" technology from GlocalMe that

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Linksys Velop Wi-Fi Mesh system promises better connectivity at home

The Velop will come in handy for many Singapore home owners, often

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Asus’ RP-AC68U Wireless AC repeater looks sleek

The Asus RP-AC68U helps extend your fast Wireless AC network and does

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One in three home routers to double as public Wi-Fi hotspots

These so-called ‘homespot’ routers essentially create two wireless networks separated by a

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No go for smart homes without good wireless links

Even as millions of devices are set up to connect from smart

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Goondu review: Linksys EA9200 router

The EA9200, and many routers of its class today, is worth upgrading

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