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Hands-on: Panasonic’s lightweight 14-inch Toughbook

29 Jan
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When gadgets tout themselves to be “rugged”, I usually assume them to be thick and heavy straight away, full of padding and other protection that keeps them safe from liquid spills and heart-stopping drops.

But while Panasonic’s new CF-LX3 toughbook still retains its ungainly exterior and rugged chops, it is notably much lighter than its predecessors. The 14-inch notebook weighed in at just 1.29 kg, a number that seemed to defy the laws of physics when I picked it up.

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SingTel’s mobile games store touts better discoverability, telco billing

26 Dec
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SingTel's WePlay
(Photo credit: SingTel)

SingTel launched its own Android games store in Singapore last week, taking aim at subscribers without credit cards by offering convenient billing for both one-time and in-game purchases.

Called WePlay, the app store lets SingTel subscribers pay for games using virtual credits (S$1 for 100 credits) and have all payments consolidated in their phone bills every month. A PIN can be set to prevent children from buying games without adult permission.

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Hands-on: Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Pro to make its debut at SITEX for S$1,899

24 Nov

Yoga 2 Pro

PC makers have been pumping out new devices powered by Intel’s latest Haswell processors, so it’s about time we saw a hardware refresh for Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 13, one of the most interesting Windows 8 convertibles launched more than a year ago.

The new Yoga 2 Pro will be launched at this year’s SITEX IT bazaar, and Lenovo has certainly upped the ante here, as we’re looking at more than just a processor bump.

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‘The Walking Dead’ returns to Singapore on October 20

19 Oct
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Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Cancel all your plans tomorrow night, for the premiere episode of The Walking Dead Season 4 will air across Singapore and Asia [1] on the FOX network, after having made its debut in the US earlier this week.

But if waiting for a television show to appear on your box seems a little archaic, fans living in Southeast Asia can summon it to their screens right now. FOX has made the episode available to stream for free for anyone residing in Southeast Asian countries up till October 20.

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Getty Images bets on videos, transmedia storytelling

4 Oct
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Getty video wall

It was a scene mildly reminiscent of the 2002 science-fiction movie Minority Report.

A group of people paced about in front of a wall of 24 television screens, which showed frame after frame from videos cascading down like the old film reels of yore.

A man moved a step to his left, and the content responded instantly, enlarging the frames in front of him while banishing the rest into tiny thumbnails. He lifted his arm, and without touch the screen, a list of meta-tags sprung to life, adding context to the videos on display.

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Survey: one-third of Asia Pacific marketers predict sharp rise in mobile budgets

24 Aug
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warc logo

Ninety percent of marketers in Asia Pacific (APAC) expect budgets for mobile advertising and marketing to rise over the next twelve months, with a third (34 percent) predicting a sharp increase of up to 75 percent.

These are the results of a survey which polled 336 client-side advertisers and marketing services agencies across 13 countries in APAC on their attitudes and adoption of mobile marketing.

Conducted by marketing and advertising research firm Warc, the survey also revealed that 38 percent of respondents think of Singapore as the second most innovative market for mobile marketing, one percentage point behind Japan.

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Singapore gaming team bags sponsorship from Logitech

20 Aug
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Insidious Gaming logo

Singapore’s Insidious Gaming (iSG) has bagged a sponsorship deal with Logitech, which will see the team acting as ambassadors for the brand in exchange for a range of gaming equipment. The sponsorship will last for one year, and was announced by the PC peripherals maker last week.

The exact value of the company’s sponsorship remains confidential, but the package includes everything a professional gamer may need, from optical gaming mice to mechanical keyboards, and even gaming headsets. iSG will be relying on these devices for both training and upcoming tournaments.

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Goondu review: Nokia Lumia 925

10 Aug
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Nokia Lumia 925

When the Lumia 925 was first unveiled, it seemed that Nokia has finally heard my pansy complaints that the Lumia 920 could do with some weight-loss training.

At 8.5mm thick and 139g heavy, the Lumia 925 is indeed thinner and much lighter. However, I wasn’t immediately attracted to the way it looks compared to the striking polycarbonate uni-bodies of previous Lumias.

So how did the smartphone hold up after two weeks of use? Let’s find out.

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Limited edition ‘Pacific Rim’ EZ-Link cards up for grabs

19 Jul

Pacific Rim EZ-Link cards

Can’t get enough of this summer’s hottest blockbuster Pacific Rim? It may be another few hundred years before we have the technology to build giant mech suits, but until then you can stave off your withdrawal symptoms with the help of limited edition Pacific Rim EZ-Link cards.

The first one, featuring the movie poster, is already on sale, and may very well have sold out by now judging by Singaporeans’ love for all things limited edition.

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Sony joins Canon in offering first-party lens rental in Singapore

17 Jul
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Sony Lens Library Programme

Sony last week unveiled its new “Lens Library” programme, following in Canon’s footsteps in putting its range of camera lenses up for a short loan before purchase.

Customers can rent a piece of glass from as low as S$30, and can take home 20 lenses at one go. Although Canon offers a lower entry price at just S$18, Sony lets you keep the lens up to five days compared to Canon’s four.

The best part? Like Canon, Sony also does not require customers to put up any hefty deposit just to borrow its lenses.

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