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SingTel promises 20 per cent boost for mobile Internet at crowded places

10 Dec
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radio signals

SingTel users can expect a speed boost of 20 per cent when they go online with their mobile devices at crowded places, the telecom operator claimed today, as it readies the latest enhancements to its mobile network.

Singapore’s largest telco said it has found a way to tackle a constant bugbear in the city – congestion – while also cutting dropped calls by as much as 40 per cent. 

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Qualcoom outs Snapdragon 410 chip, looks to sub-US$150 LTE phones

10 Dec
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Chipmaker Qualcomm has come up with a new processor that it claims will make 4G phones cheaper than US$150, as telecom operators and phone makers look to the low- to mid-tier market in the year ahead.

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StarHub makes first VoLTE call, promises better voice quality

4 Dec
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StarHub will roll out Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) services next year with the promise of clearer calls, after making the first such call today on its live 4G network in Singapore.

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Goondu review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

22 Jun


I wasn’t crazy about Samsung’s new small tablet – the Galaxy Note 8.0 – when I first laid my hands on it at its unveiling in February. Having used it for the past few days, however, I’ve grown to like it.

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Singapore and Asean partners to use 700MHz spectrum for 4G

18 Jun
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radio signals

Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia are looking to run 4G services on airwaves that will be freed up when analog TV broadcasts are switched off in the region by 2020.

While the move is aimed at re-allocating precious bandwidth in the sky, the use of a common 700MHz frequency band in the region could enable travellers to easily “roam” with their smartphones and log on to local cellphone services to make calls or surf the Web.

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Commmentary: StarHub 4G coverage to reach 95 per cent by October 2013

14 Jun
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Bring Your Own Device concept with stitch style on fabric backgr

Another day, another network upgrade by a Singapore telecom operator.

There was a time when subscribers didn’t care how a network was run, as long as they could make calls or get their e-mails on the go. Today, however, with users often upset over clogged-up 3G networks and spotty 4G coverage, telcos seem to have upped their game publicly.

The latest news comes from StarHub today. It will blanket 95 per cent of the island with its 4G signals in the next four months, joining rivals M1 and SingTel in providing nationwide coverage for the fast mobile Internet service.

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Nokia Lumia 925 goes metallic, still has great camera

15 May
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It’s got a metallic case, it’s slimmed down drastically and it has the great camera as before. Say hello to Nokia’s new Lumia 925, which was unveiled hours ago as the follow-up to the flagship Lumia 920.

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M1 rolls out first prepaid 4G data service in Singapore

26 Mar


Tablet and PC users who want a pay-as-you-use 4G connection can now buy prepaid cards from M1, which unveiled Singapore’s first such service earlier today.

An S$18 micro- or nano-SIM card provides up to 1GB of data for a month, which could translate into hundreds of webpages or just dozens of high-rez videos on YouTube, depending on the content consumed. 

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Sony Xperia Z out in Singapore on March 1, costs S$988

7 Feb

Sony Xperia Z

Sony seems to have gotten its game together like never before, and that includes shipping its flagship phone on time to steal a march over rivals.

The Xperia Z, possibly the best phone from Sony in a long while, is going on sale in Singapore on March 1, for a rather expensive but not unexpected S$988. Impatient buyers can pre-order from February 15 at Sony stores or telecom operators.

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Predictions for the new year: eight tech trends in 2013

31 Dec
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Happy New Year 2013

Yet another year filled with surprises and no less interesting technology products and services has passed us by, perhaps too fast for some of 2012′s winners and not too soon for the strugglers.

The past 12 months have seen a great variety of tablets, from the Google Nexus 7 to Apple’s iPad mini, while Microsoft and partners tried their best to jump on the mobile bandwagon by bringing touch screens to everyday PCs with Windows 8.

In many ways, the much-talked about convergence of computers and mobile technologies has brought about some of the keenest competition that hasn’t been seen in years.

That’s not even mentioning the other big headlines of the year, like Facebook going public, Apple and Samsung’s courtroom joust and in Singapore, the arrival of cheap and fast fibre broadband.

Now, just hours away from 2013, users could well be staring at another year of great tech gadgets, sometimes frustrating technologies that fail to live up to expectations, and oh, winners and losers, definitely. Here are eight trends to look out for in the new year.

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