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Parallels Access now officially supports Windows PCs

18 Feb
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Parallels Access, the app that lets you remotely run your Mac software on your Apple iPad, now lets you run Windows software as well when you are on the go.

The software is officially out of beta testing for Windows PCs, thanks to an update released a few weeks ago. With Parallels Access 1.1, you can fire up your Windows 7 or 8.1 software on your desktop, such as Word or Powerpoint, and have your iPad remotely run them in a touch-friendly manner.

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Warning: You might just have a love triangle in your relationship

19 Feb
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Valentine’s Day might have come and gone (and I do hope most of you had a wonderful Valentine’s celebration), but couples need to beware of the love triangle that seems to be slowly but surely creeping into many relationships.

Apparently, many tablet users are so addicted to their gizmos that they they would feel just as upset as – or maybe worse than – if they had broken up with their partner.

That’s the response from 43 per cent of respondents in a cute Logitech survey conducted recently. It had asked 2,000 single adults aged 18 and older in the United States, Britain, France and Germany in January how they felt about their gadgets.

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Read Techgoondu and other news stories on SingTel’s NewsLoop app

22 Jul
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You can now read Techgoondu stories on an e-reader app called NewsLoop, which brings together content from more than 230 Singapore and international brand names such as BBC, Bloomberg and CNet.

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Goondu review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

16 Jul
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The name may be one of the least inspiring among Logitech’s many peripherals which range from mice to music streaming devices, but this Ultrathin Keyboard Cover does exactly as advertised, and very well too.

I’d say this is easily one of the best cover-cum-keyboards that you can pair your iPad with. Not only does it look good, this Logitech accessory makes it a real joy to type e-mails or memos on your iPad 2 or third-gen iPad.

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Apple offers iPad refunds in Australia over LTE, will other countries follow?

29 Mar
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When it sold three million iPads in just one weekend, Apple probably did not expect the backlash that is now gathering strength worldwide over its use of “LTE” and “4G” in its marketing efforts.

Just today, an Australian consumer watchdog took Apple to court, pressurising it to change its marketing of “4G” speeds on some of its new iPad models. For Apple, the worry is that consumer groups in other countries are also taking Australia’s case seriously and may consider action of their own.

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Commentary: New iPad shows up LTE fragmentation

18 Mar
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Not everyone checks up the specs on the new Apple iPad before buying the shiny toy, but for those who do, they will find an interesting entry in a section called Wireless and Cellular.

Not only is there mention of the touted “4G” or LTE (Long Term Evolution) speed upgrade, which supports the 700MHz and 2,100MHz frequencies, but the iPad can also log on to older networks running UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/DC-HSPA in four other frequencies. And get this, the new iPad also supports GSM networks in the good old 800, 900, 1,800 and 1,900MHz frequencies as well.

Confused already? That, by the way, is just for the AT&T model in the United States. Also listed on the Apple website is a Verizon model, which supports LTE all the same, but “falls back” on a different older network called CDMA EV-DO, along with the rest of the other cellphone network technologies, if LTE is not available.

Nobody but geeks used to care about the alphabet soup here, but as more LTE devices hit the market this year, as the iPad did this weekend, this fragmentation of wireless network technologies is becoming a huge problem for device makers and users alike.

LTE was meant to unify these disparate technologies evolved over the years, but with 38 different frequencies expected to be rolled out around the world, the new technology is adding to the problem instead.

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5 reasons NOT to buy the new iPad

16 Mar

You’ve heard all the praises and maybe even queued up on launch day to get your hands on the newest iPad. Everyone knows why you should get the iPad; virtually every tech blogger and pundit out there is raving over Apple’s newest gizmo.

But if you’re still sitting on the fence, here are five reasons why you should not get the new iPad.

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Pre-order for ‘the new iPad’ starts now, available in Singapore on March 16

8 Mar

After months and months of salivating over rumours and leaks, Apple fans now have a new product to fawn over as the Cupertino-based company unveiled the latest version of its iPad early this morning (local time) in San Francisco. It’s not called the iPad 3, nor is it known as the iPad HD. It’s simply called “the new iPad”, a name which I’m sure the late Steve Jobs would disapprove.

If you cut through all the hyperbole surrounding the new iPad’s launch — stripping away words like “ground-breaking”, “reinventing”, and “revolutionary” — the only real difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2 is an upgraded GPU, a higher resolution display, and LTE connectivity. If you take photography on a tablet seriously, then you might be interested in the new camera.

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Four ways Steve Jobs changed our computing lifestyles

6 Oct
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As tributes pour in for one of the information world’s acknowledged geniuses, we thought it would only be right that we too remembered Steve Jobs for the way he changed computing for so many people.

His death this morning (Singapore time), when he was just 56, marked more than 20 years of endeavour to bring computing to the masses in a fun, accessible and imaginative way.

Not all his decisions and products went well with users, and not everything he touched turned to gold, but there is no doubt the former Apple CEO and founder of a company that created the iMac, iPhone and iPad had a profound influence in the way everyone used their digital gadgets today.

Here are four ways Steve has changed our computing lifestyles.

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Apple Store to open on 24 Sep in Hong Kong

21 Sep
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Apple Store Hong Kong opening on 24 Sep

Hong Kong’s getting the real deal this weekend, and it comes in the form of huge Apple Store right smack in Central. And the curtains have literally come off. MIC Gadget has the scoop on that and has photos of … people taking photos of the store. Plus photos of the store.

At 20,000 sq feet spread across two floors, in one of the most expensive malls in Hong Kong – it sure sounds like a lot of money until you think about the US$7 billion in profits that the company raked in in a quarter.

Anyway, what CAN the average Apple fanboy/girl do at an Apple Store.

He/She could of course buy and learn how to use an Apple product. Get tech support from the beer-less Genius Bar. Sit in their many workshops to learn how to use their apps. And of course chat up fellow Apple fanboys/girls – where else would they rather be?

Oh but wait, can this be? Apple has JOBS in Hong Kong! No, not Steve himself, but salary-paying jobs. I can already hear the Magic Mice clicks and the frantic Magic Trackpad taps. They still have positions open – which leaves me wondering … have they already sucked up all the Geniuses in this Special Administrative Region?

Jobs at the Apple Store. No. Not Steve himself.

No promises, but Techgoondu’s Hong Kong correspondent might just brave the Applemania this weekend to bring you some snaps of the madness.


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