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With more connected devices, enterprises look to set up private mobile networks

Enterprises around the world are seeking to build their own private mobile

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StarHub boosts 4G speeds to 1Gbps in parts of Singapore

StarHub is boosting the top speed on its 4G network to 1Gbps,

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Singapore mobile operators to switch off 2G services in 2017

Existing 2G-only users can choose to continue with their current plans at

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Hands-on: Alcatel Onetouch Flash

Following the launch of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note last year, a slew of

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A connected world to revolutionise lifestyles, enterprises, cities

Brought to you by CommunicAsia2015 At home, in the office and on

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M1 rolls out 300Mbps nationwide LTE-A mobile broadband service

The race for 4G+ may also have shown that operators are at

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With Redmi Note 4G, Xiaomi brings another low-cost 4G phone to Singapore

The first Xiaomi device to feature 4G here, it costs a very

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Goondu Review: ZTE Blade VEC 4G

The Blade VEC 4G is the flagship that combines sleek design with

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 packs LTE for S$269

Samsung has held up 4G as a trump card in the new

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SingTel’s 300Mbps mobile broadband service gets a Huawei boost

SingTel's promise of 300Mbps speeds obviously is in the highest theoretical range,

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Can a new cellphone operator boost competition in Singapore?

Ask any Singapore cellphone user if he is happy these days and

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Singapore telcos told: no 4G add-on fee for users on contract

As StarHub has learnt, it may not be so smart to take

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Commentary: StarHub starts charging for 4G

It's not that consumers are daft, for not reading the fine print.

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SingTel promises 20 per cent boost for mobile Internet at crowded places

SingTel users can expect a speed boost of 20 per cent when

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Qualcoom outs Snapdragon 410 chip, looks to sub-US$150 LTE phones

Chipmaker Qualcomm has come up with a new processor that it claims

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StarHub makes first VoLTE call, promises better voice quality

It will roll out services next year with the promise of clearer

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Goondu review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The stylus is the star here for the Galaxy Note 8.0, which

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Singapore and Asean partners to use 700MHz spectrum for 4G

Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia are looking to run 4G services on

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Commmentary: StarHub 4G coverage to reach 95 per cent by October 2013

Consumers now want to know exactly what their telcos are doing to

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Nokia Lumia 925 goes metallic, still has great camera

It's got a metallic case, it's slimmed down drastically and it has

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