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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ships in Singapore end-August, costs from S$1,108
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Hands-on: BlackBerry Z10

24 Feb

BlackBerry Z10

Come March 7, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry’s attempt to claw back market share from iOS, Android and perhaps even Windows Phone will officially begin on our tiny island, beginning with its Z10 smartphone.

Is it enough to inspire BlackBerry fans who have been waiting with baited breath to upgrade?

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Picking the right Windows 8 version and device

21 Oct

With Windows 8 just days from launch, one word is increasingly on the lips of folks in the industry – confusion.

While Windows 8 brings with it loads of innovation, including a touch-friendly interface, the various software versions and sheer variety of devices appearing on shelves everywhere could well have some consumers scratching their heads. Apparently, even some folks in Microsoft can’t tell the difference.

How do you choose between Windows 8 and Windows RT? Do you buy Microsoft’s Surface tablet or an iPad, or well, a laptop? What’s with these hybrid devices that promise the best of both worlds?

Here’s a quick guide to pick the right software and device.

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Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE

20 Oct


When the Galaxy Note was unveiled a year ago, I saw it as a niche product aimed at folks who might do a bit of sketching on the go. Why would people go back to a stylus and isn’t a 5-inch screen too big for a phone?

Well, if you see the queues this weekend in Singapore for the Galaxy Note II, the followup to the surprise hit last year, you’ll know how wrong many geeks like me have been.

The new S$998 “phablet” – a cross between a phone and tablet – comes with a slightly bigger screen and now looks even more like a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

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Microsoft’s first branded tablet Surfaces, but you can’t buy it in Singapore yet

17 Oct

The much-awaited Surface tablet from Microsoft has gone on sale from US$499 in the United States and seven other markets, but fans in Singapore will not get to buy them in stores just yet.

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Nexus 7 finally comes to Singapore, costs S$399 for 16GB version

28 Sep

The little Google Nexus 7 tablet that has got geeks waiting for months after its launch in the United States is finally coming to Singapore with a price tag of S$399 for the 16GB version.

That is the only version of the 7-inch Asus-made tablet to ship here from September 29, and it will not come with Google’s store for books, music and movies for now, because they are not available for sale here yet.

Still, the Wi-Fi device will attract users who are looking at a good amount of hardware packed in, such as a sharp 1,280 x 800 screen, a zippy quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and the latest version of Android called Jellybean.

For geeks, the main benefit of having a Google-branded Nexus device is that they will always be the first to receive updates to the Android software running onboard.

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HTC’s mid-range One S comes to Singapore on June 16

12 Jun

HTC’s mid-range phone, the One S, is hitting the stores here on June 16. Sporting the Taiwanese phone maker’s familiar metallic design and with a dual-core processor, it will cost S$948 when bundled with the Beats Solo Headset.

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Samsung Galaxy S III in Singapore on May 30, costs S$998

25 May
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The latest star in Samsung’s Galaxy is coming to Singapore stores on May 30, and will go for S$998 without a subscription plan, the company said today. The first phones on sale will come in white, while the blue version will be available later, at a yet undisclosed date.

One of the most sought-after smartphones now, the Galaxy S III comes with a larger 4.8-inch screen and is powered by a faster quad-core processor, among a number of other upgrades.

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Nokia Lumia 900 comes to Singapore on May 26, costs S$849

17 May

The Nokia Lumia 900, the Windows Phone camp’s best smartphone to date, is coming to Singapore on May 26 and will go for a rather attractive S$849 at retailers as well as via all three mobile operators here.

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Pink Samsung Galaxy Note arrives in Singapore on Saturday

12 Apr

It had to come in pink sooner or later.  Samsung’s surprise hit of the season, the Galaxy Note, is arriving in town this Saturday, dressed in pink and following in the footsteps of the smaller Galaxy S II.

The pink Galaxy Note will cost the same - S$948 - as the white and black versions sold in Singapore so far. Adding pink to the mix surely won’t hurt sales, as the Korean phone maker readies its upcoming high-end line-up in the coming months for a mid-year launch.

Despite having a rather large 5.3-inch screen for a phone, the Galaxy Note has surprised many sceptics by selling some 5 million units in the first five months. In Singapore, it’s a hit with the ladies, thanks to a stylus that lets them sketch anything they like easily on the go.

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Dual-screen Sony Tablet P goes on sale in Singapore at S$848

24 Feb

After a raft of “also-ran” tablets from the Android camp of late, here’s one from Sony that should get your attention.

The foldable Tablet P comes with not one but two 5.5-inch screens. That lets you play a game on one screen and use the other as a control pad, for example. Alternatively, you can have one screen play a video on YouTube while you tend to your e-mail on the other.

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